Fidela Dacanay


They explained everything well, very accommodating to their patient, I love the final result. Im surely refer it to my friend & relatives.

Fidela Dacanay2019-08-15T03:13:30+08:00

Amelita Kelsey


Friendly Staff, Affordable, High standard of hygiene, workplace etc.

Amelita Kelsey2019-08-15T01:38:15+08:00

Charles Khalid Rico


Affordable, very professional and they have a vision to be a leader in ceramic crown development and proliferation in the country(Philippines).

Charles Khalid Rico2019-08-15T02:01:16+08:00

Theresa Parish


I am very satisfied with the service. Everyone is very accommodating esp the doctors & nurses(staff). I will recommend this place to my friends & family. Thanks! :)

Theresa Parish2019-08-15T01:25:18+08:00

MM Claren


Doctor Garcia and his team give good service allround . They will make sure you're completely satisfied. They will go the extra mile.

MM Claren2019-08-15T03:29:17+08:00

Carrey Pace


Doctor Frederick went above & beyond to address the entirety of my needs. He is extremely professional & his team is Truly Accommodating.I am profoundly satisfied & I highly recommend Doctor Frederick for all or any dental care.He's not just a good dentist but overall a person with big heart.May God continue to bless your [...]

Carrey Pace2019-08-15T02:22:20+08:00

Beverlyne Minikula


Very friendly dentists. Informed me every step of the procedure.

Beverlyne Minikula2019-08-15T02:37:12+08:00

Jessamin Tan


The professionalism of the staff. Everyone is accommodating.

Jessamin Tan2019-08-15T01:51:16+08:00

Greachel Dela Cruz


I had a great result and I found them extremely knowledgeable, most professional, and sensitive to my concerns. I will recommend them highly.

Greachel Dela Cruz2019-08-15T03:07:49+08:00