There are reasons why a dental crown is worth it. These are the same reasons that have been known and is widespread amongst patients. Since a dental crown is the best dental restoration service today, it’s worth for you to know why it’s worth it. With that said, this article will talk about a dental crown and its benefits. It’ll list down the four essentials elements of the service and why it’s so popular today.

4 Reasons Why A Dental Crown Is Worth It

reasons why a dental crown is worth it

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – a dental crown, once secure, blends in very well with other teeth. People you’re talking to won’t be able to tell the difference nor will they even notice it at all. This is because a dental crown acts as both a shield and a mask. It effectively replaces a tooth without the need for removal.
  • Long Lastinga single dental crown is capable of lasting up to ten years or more. The materials that they’re usually built with are sturdy enough to last that long without the need for repairs or replacements. Also, the crown itself doesn’t require any special maintenance. All the patient has to do is to treat as they would a normal tooth.
  • Varietydental crowns come in a wide variety of different materials. You can either get a porcelain, Emax, zirconia, and even gold crown. Each crown has its own price tag as well as its own set of pros and cons. The best ones are probably those that are tough yet remain aesthetically pleasing.
  • Relatively Affordablethe average price of a dental crown in the Philippines is around Php 9,000. Now, that may sound expensive but do remember that it’s one payment in a span of ten years or more. You won’t even have to worry about getting another one knowing that the crown will last that long.


Consult your dentist on this matter to know more about dental crowns. Doing so will give you the advantage of the right info and insight when it comes to making the right decision. Also, your dentist can help you weigh your options when it comes to choosing the type of dental crown.