The reasons why a dental implant is worth it usually revolves around its unique features. First of all, a dental implant is currently the best form of tooth replacement service due to its benefits. However, not many patients today even know that the service exists and what it has on offer for them. So, this article will list down 4 reasons on how a dental implant may be worth the trouble of getting.

4 Reasons Why A Dental Implant Is Worth It

reasons why a dental implant is worth it

  • Longevity – a dental implant lasts a lifetime. No other tooth replacement procedure or service can say the same because they’re usually built for a couple of decades. A dental implant, on the other hand, can survive up to 50 years without the need for repairs. That means that in that entire period, you won’t be seeing your dentist for any tooth replacement related issue.
  • Invisibleyou can tell if someone is wearing dentures when you take a second glance. A dental bridge does a better job at hiding but a dental implant is definitely the best. Because it’s placed inside the jaw bone and capped off with a dental crown, no one will know it’s even there.
  • Comfortablegetting a dental implant means you’re getting a new root or foundation. Thanks to its placement, you won’t even feel it there. The closest thing you’ll notice is the dental crown that’s locked on top of it but not the implant itself. It will feel as if you were given a brand new tooth from the crown all the way to the root itself.
  • Stops Bone Lossthis is a problem that occurs when a tooth is removed. The bone around the missing tooth starts to recede and shrink. Eventually, it’ll look as if a part of your facial structure has caved in. Only a dental implant is capable enough to stop the problem from happening in the first place.


Make sure to talk to your dentist about the service to learn more about it. However, do be careful since a dental implant requires surgery and it’s probably the most expensive tooth replacement service today.