The 4 types of dental crowns in the Philippines all have their own set of pros and cons. Each has its own selling point and it has an advantage over the other types of crowns available. The question now lies with the kind of dental crown that you should be going for.

What is the best kind of dental crown that a patient should pay for their teeth? Well, this article will try and answer that question and more. It’ll talk about the types of dental crowns in the Philippines and what they have an offer.

4 Types of Dental Crowns in the Philippines

4. Porcelain Crowns

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When you’re talking about types of dental crowns in the Philippines, porcelain would always be part of it.

Porcelain crowns, also known as porcelain fused to metal, is the standard choice for most patients. If this is your first time picking a dental crown for a restoration, then chances are your dentist will choose porcelain.

The benefits of a porcelain crown include:

  • Aesthetic – the main selling point of porcelain is its look. When put alongside other teeth, a porcelain crown will blend in pretty well.
  • A Natural Feel – unlike a composite material, porcelain will feel natural to the user. This reduces the risk of discomfort and helps the patient adjust to their new tooth much faster.
  • Affordabilityporcelain crowns are also one of the most affordable dental crowns available.

The average price of a porcelain crown starts at around Php 9,000.

3. Zirconia Crowns

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Zirconia has risen in popularity in terms of being a dental crown. A lot of patients have switched from porcelain to Zirconia thanks to its flexible nature.

What is zirconia? Zirconia or zirconium is an abundant material that’s easily obtained by most, if not, all dental clinics in the country. It’s commonly used as a substitute for diamond but it’s also used in medical procedures. Lately, it has been used in dental crowns.

The benefits of a zirconia crown include:

  • Faster Shaping – thanks to its abundance and generally easy-to-shape nature, zirconia crowns are made much faster than normal porcelain crowns. Patients who pick zirconia will get the crown in under one appointment.
  • Durablezirconia is also tougher than your average porcelain crown. It’s not the toughest material to be used for the service but it’s capable of withstanding a higher degree of punishment.
  • A Natural Look – a zirconia crown also boasts a natural look when placed with other teeth.

The average price of a zirconia crown starts at Php 10,000 or more.

2. Emax Crowns

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Emax is better than a porcelain crown in almost every way. Most patients who have a porcelain crown would save up to an Emax crown.

Emax is a specially heated ceramic. The heating process has given it a tougher exterior and a natural sheen.

Those with porcelain crowns would usually swap theirs out with an Emax crown once they have the means to do so.

The benefits of an Emax crown include:

  • Durable – Emax crowns are one of the toughest materials used for a dental crown. They’re not as tough as a metal crown but they’re not too soft either.
  • A Natural Look – when compared to zirconia, an Emax crown looks a lot better. Its translucent color gives it a more natural look than other crowns.
  • Long Lasting – the average lifespan of a dental crown is 10 years. An Emax crown can last for more than 15 years thanks to its tough exterior.

The average price of an Emax crown starts at Php 13,000.

1. Gold Crown

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There are metal crowns available but a gold crown has to be the best one out of all of them. Being made out of metal, a gold crown is already the toughest dental crown available. Also, it’s natural composition allows it to adapt to extreme temperatures.

Of course, if you do care about looks, then it’s not advised to have a gold crown replace an incisor.

Here are the main benefits of a gold crown:

  • The Toughest Material – a gold crown can withstand a lot of damage. This makes it the best dental crown to replace a molar.
  • Longevitythanks to its metallic composition, an all gold crown will last the longest compared to other dental crowns.

Since it’s gold, it is expensive. The price of a gold crown starts at Php 40,000.


Make sure to consult your dentist on what type of dental crown you should be going for. Your dentist will grant you the information and insight needed to make the right decision.