These foods for healthier teeth are not only easy to get, but they make an enjoyable snack. That’s an important factor because it helps to find a food item you like that doesn’t pose a threat to your oral hygiene. This article will talk about those types of foods and how they can help your teeth.

4 Foods For Healthier Teeth

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4. Apples

When you’re talking about the foods for healthier teeth, then you can’t miss the apple. Apples are considered to be nature’s very own way of our scrubbing our teeth. Its rough but soft texture helps scrub off your teeth. It may not be as good as brushing your teeth, but it helps.

Another bonus to eating apples is their fiber and water content. Chewing on apples help produce saliva which washes away any harmful bacteria and food particles.

3. Cheese

Cheese is rich in calcium. Calcium is a great ingredient in strengthening your tooth enamel which furthers its longevity.

However, the biggest benefit that cheese has to offer is fighting against tooth decay. Eating cheese raises a person’s pH levels in their mouth. This all builds up to a resistance towards tooth decay.

2. Sugarless Gum

There might be some truth to the myth of chewing gum lowering the chances of decay after a meal. However, if you switched over to a sugarless pack of gum then it might be closer to the truth.

Chewing on sugarless gum increases saliva production. More saliva is better since it helps circulate any leftover food particle as well as harmful bacteria in your mouth. Be sure it’s sugarless, however, and try not to do it on a daily basis as it may strain your jaw muscles.

1. Green Tea

Green tea has polyphenols which make your teeth more resistant towards tooth decay. How? The polyphenols found in green tea give plaque a harder time to stick to your teeth.

Apart from that, green tea also has a lot of health benefits that you can try for yourself.


You can consult your dentist on these matters and see what they have to say on the types of food for your teeth.