Best Dental Clinic in Quezon City

The title of “the best dental clinic in Quezon City” can be a debatable title. There are some dental clinics in the city that possess things other clinics do not. So this begs the question, what makes the Asian Sun Dental Clinic the best dental clinic in Quezon City? What does it have that others don’t? What can it do those other dental clinics in the city can’t? This article will answer that very question today.

The Dentist

You can’t be the best dental clinic in Quezon City unless you’re run by the best dentist. Dr. Frederick Garcia has been a dental practitioner for decades. He serves his patients with the knowledge and experience that would put your normal dentist to shame. Not only has Dr. Garcia have the experience, he has the work ethic to prove he’s the best. He set up the Asian Sun Dental Clinic to provide people an affordable dental service. He wants the people of Quezon City to experience the best dental services whilst keeping their wallets heavy. Dr. Garcia values and cares for all of his patients thus making him the best dentist in the city.   

The Staff

What is a dentist without his staff? In the Asian Sun Dental Clinic, the best dentist is assisted by the best dental staff. Why are they the best? Like Dr. Garcia, the clinic’s staff has racked more than enough achievements under their belt. They cover a wide range of dental services and are prepared to do more. All of them are driven and share the same amount of work ethic as the head dentist himself. The staff is another quality that makes the Asian Sun the best dental clinic in Quezon City.

The Tools

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Dental Tools

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Walking through the Asian Sun Dental Clinic, you can see for yourself the quality of tools they have. Everything that is used for a dental procedure is at par with all the best dental clinics around the world. The Asian Sun has made it a mission to give all their patients the best dental service and they do so through their tools. All the implants, bone grafting, and dental cleaning was done matched the quality of international dental clinics.

The Services

You can’t call yourself the best dental clinic in Quezon City if the services you offer are too limited. The Asian Sun, however, has a wide range of dental services. From common ones such as dental cleanings and whitening all the way to bone grafting and dental implants. The Asian Sun Dental Clinic also boasts that fact that they are the only clinic to provide zirconia crowns. No one else in Quezon City is capable of providing such a service but them.


This is the quality that makes the Asian Sun unique. They not only serve their patients with the best tools used by the dentist who can do a wide range of services, but they serve their patients with affordable prices. Dental services have always come at a hefty sum for all. The more complex the procedure, the bigger the cost gets. Only the best dental clinic in Quezon City provides affordable services with no such sacrifice to quality.


Hopefully, this article has convinced you that the Asian Sun is the best. All the qualities mentioned are as true as it can get and a lot of the citizens of Quezon City can back it up. If you’re in the city looking for “the best” dental clinic, then the Asian Sun should your number one priority. In it, you will find a long list of services, masterful dentists, state of the art tools and facilities, and affordable rates that will undoubtedly relieve you of financial stress.