There are a lot of things you didn’t know about your teeth. Some of these can be useful while some just provide a better perspective on your oral health. Knowing these facts will help you understand your oral health better and, in turn, know what to do and what not to do in the future. This article will list down five facts you need to know.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth

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4. Your Dentin Colors Your Teeth

A lot of patients think that whitening the enamel, the outer surface of the tooth, will get a brighter look for their teeth. In truth, the enamel simply reflects the color that the dentin underneath it shows.

Try and remember this fact the next time you’re planning on whitening your teeth.

3. Plaque Causes Tooth Decay AND Gum Disease

If you’re curious about the white film-like material that’s on the base of your teeth, then you’re looking at the plaque.

Some would associate plaque with tooth decay but what most people don’t know is that it also causes gum disease. This should convince you that removing plaque should be a priority.

2. You Don’t Have To Remove Your Wisdom Tooth

With the amount of impacted wisdom tooth cases today, a lot of patients will opt to have their removed. Well, this could be a mistake because you should only remove said tooth if it is impacted.

To know if you’re safe or not, make sure that you have your teeth checked through an x-ray.

1. You Can Treat Tooth Decay Damage

You can restore the damage caused by tooth decay at an earlier stage. It can’t repair cavities, however, but it can stop the damage from getting worse during the earlier stages.

Try to be more vigilant the next time you’re brushing your teeth and see if the damage can still be restored.


If you want to know more about it, you can learn from your dentist. Your dentist not only offers dental services, but they too can educate you on your teeth and fill you in on useful information about it. Make sure you’re that you visit your dentist in the future.