The price of a tooth jacket is heavily dependent on the type of crown or jacket that you’re choosing. It’s quite obvious to say that picking an all-gold tooth jacket will monumentally raise the price. The same thing applies to cheaper materials such as base metal and porcelain. What matters is that you know how much it costs and whether or not you need one.

What Is The Price of a Tooth Jacket?

Now, there is no concrete price given for all tooth jackets. However, this article will list down the more notable ones and state their price tags. Aside from that, a brief description about said crown or jacket will also be given.

The Different Types of Tooth Jackets

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  • Porcelain – a porcelain jacket costs Php 9,000. This remains to be one of the cheaper dental crowns available as it’s what your dentist is likely going to use. The material looks good and it feels natural.
  • Base Metala base metal crown won’t go above Php 8,000. It’s probably the cheapest types of the crown but it does suffer from its look. It’s not advised to pick this type of jacket if you’re putting it on one of your front teeth.
  • Zirconia a zirconia crown starts at around Php 11,000. The material itself looks better than porcelain but it’s popular due to its abundance. Patients looking for a quick replacement will get a zirconia in less than a day.
  • Emaxan Emax crown costs Php 13,000. Emax is a special type of ceramic that’s tougher and looks natural. Because of this, Emax has been the popular choice for those looking to get a crown for the next decade or two.
  • Goldan all-gold crown starts at the price of Php 40,000. How is gold different from a base metal crown? Well, it reacts will towards temperature and it’s a lot tougher. However, like the base metal crown, it’s not advised to have the crown replace a tooth in front.




Make sure to consult your dentist on this matter if you’re having a hard time picking the right tooth jacket. This is important because a single crown will last a decade. Having it replaced prematurely is a waste of money.