Tooth extractions are possibly the most common procedure that oral surgeons perform according to some dental clinics in Manila.

Tooth extraction is a procedure in which a tooth is removed to help improve the patient’s overall oral health. Your dentist or top dental clinics in Manila may recommend a tooth extraction after discovering the tooth is diseased, the tooth suffered a traumatic injury, or the tooth is contributing to crowding in the mouth which can cause severe issues in the future.

A tooth can be extracted after your dentist applies a numbing agent to the area of the tooth. Tooth extractions, as well as recovery, are a relatively quick process. Dental Clinics in Manila or your dentist will advise an appropriate post-treatment care, which often includes careful brushing areas around where the tooth was extracted, temporarily refraining from flossing around the affected area, or a prescription mouth rinse to help prevent bacteria problems where the tooth was.

If you need multiple teeth extracted at one time (such as wisdom teeth removal) or the procedure is longer and more complicated, a dentist may recommend sedation dentistry. Visit your resident dental clinic and talk to your dentist to see what would be best for your individual case.