Are dental veneers worth it? Dental veneers are quickly becoming the popular choice for most people in terms of restorative and cosmetic reasons. However, is it even worth the money? This article will explore the benefits that dental veneers offer to see if it’s worth getting. Also, constant comparisons will be made with dental crowns since it’s a service that closely resembles dental veneers in a few ways.

Are Dental Veneers Worth It?

To better understand what a dental veneer has to offer, here the benefits that it offers:

  • Restoration – a dental veneer can fix and repair chipped and cracked teeth. This is it’s very first priority and it does a good job at it. It’s strong enough last for years and withstands a lot of pressure from the daily functions of a tooth.
  • Cosmetic Upgradesa single dental veneer can improve the original color of a tooth as well as it’s shape and alignment. It is this very reason that a lot of celebrities today have picked a dental veneer for its cosmetic benefits. They see it as an all-in-one package worth the money.
  • Conservative Naturea dental veneer only requires little space in order for it to be properly fitted into a tooth. The dentist will only scrape a little material off the tooth which is a lot better comparing it to a dental crown. Dental crowns require the dentist to shave off a significant amount of the tooth in order to make space for it.

How Much Are Dental Veneers?

The average price of a dental veneer in the Philippine starts at Php 12,000. The given price is for a porcelain veneer, an Emax veneer is much more expensive but it does come with added durability and a more natural appearance.

It’s worth mentioning that veneers are the ideal choice for restoring incisors. If you have a molar that needs restoration, then a dental crown is the better choice.


So, are dental veneers worth it? Yes, they are. However, it is important for you to distinguish when it’s useful and when it’s not. This way, it’ll save you more time and money in the future.