Are root canals worth it? Asking that question means you’ve probably never had one before. A root canal therapy may be an option, but it is a strong one. Most dentists would prefer that you take on the service rather than going for its alternative. Getting a root canal treatment means you’re able to save yourself from future costs and effort spent. This article will answer the question – are root canals worth it – and more about it.

Are Root Canals Worth It?

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So, are root canals worth it? Yes, it is. A root canal treatment involves your dentist cleaning the infected pulp found within a tooth. This pulp can cause discomfort, pain, and even dire consequences. Here are the main benefits of getting a root canal treatment:

  • Treat An Infected Tooth – when the pulp found inside a tooth is infected, it causes great pain to the individual. Aside from that, it also becomes too sensitive to temperature and pressure. Having it treated will make all those problems go away.
  • You Get To Keep Your Toothsome patients would rather have the tooth removed. However, having it done this way will force them to find a replacement or else they face the consequences of a missing tooth. Why go through all that when you can have the tooth treated and be kept where it is.
  • A Dental Crown Opportunityspecific dental clinics offer to throw in a dental crown after a root canal service. A dental crown is one of the best tooth restoration services to date and getting one means you’re protecting a weaker tooth.

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When Is Root Canal Needed?

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Here are the symptoms you need to look out for to know if your tooth needs a root canal treatment.

  • Severe Toothaches – there’s a toothache caused by temperature, and then there’s a toothache caused by an infected pulp. The latter will cause you significant discomfort making it difficult to chew your food or even enjoy any cold or hot drinks. Furthermore, toothaches caused by an infected pulp are persistent. They will never go away unless you have it treated.
  • Discolored Toothan infected tooth will start losing its color in a matter of days. It will begin to take on a darker tone which compared to the rest of the teeth.
  • Swollen and Tender Gumsapart from a constant toothache, you will also start to experience tender gums around the affected tooth. Remember, your gums are usually at an excellent state so tender gums are easily spotted.

Which Is Better? A Root Canal or A Tooth Extraction?

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A root canal is miles better from a tooth extraction. Why? Well, let’s take a look at what you can expect from having a tooth removed instead of treating it.

  • Crooked Teeth – having a tooth removed will cause your other teeth from drifting out of place. This can lead to crooked teeth which leads to a myriad of other problems you can expect. Trust us, living with crooked teeth is not worth it.
  • A Replacementlet’s say you do start looking for a replacement for that missing tooth; you go to your dentist and look at your options. However, do remember that the cheapest option you have starts at around Php 12,000 and it may not even be that good. These are the kinds of consequences you’re going to face if you’d much rather have that tooth removed.
  • Bone Lossis another a problem that comes when you have a tooth extracted. Bone loss causes the bone around the missing tooth to recede or shrink. Take a look at the majority of the elderly if you wish to see what severe bone loss looks like.

A Few Things to Remember About A Root Canal

  • Dental Crownsmake sure to cap the infected tooth with a dental crown. A tooth without its pulp leaves it a weaker state.
  • Costthe price of a root canal treatment in the Philippines usually starts at Php 6,000
  • Don’t Believe The Rumorsyou might have heard of a few rumors going around stating that a root canal treatment is painful. This is false because dentists use anesthesia to treat the pain during your operation.
  • It’s Abundantalmost all dental clinics in the country will offer a root canal treatment. The problem is quite common so don’t worry if you’re one of the unlucky ones who have to face it.


As always, be sure to consult your dentist first. Have your teeth checked and see whether or not you do need the service.