When one talks about the benefits of dental implants, a few notable ones tend to come to mind. Like most services that replace missing teeth, dental implants can provide comfort back to its user. This is due to the fact that missing teeth is always a hassle. It brings problems in our appearance, chewing, speech, and more. Aside from that, however, a missing tooth also comes with two more problems that may trouble you in the future. These problems are crooked teeth and bone loss; the latter being a problem most people face in the twilight of their years. That’s why this article will talk about the many benefits of dental implants.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

First of all, let’s tackle the simples benefits of dental implants, comfort. Missing teeth can be a difficult thing to handle. This is especially true for those who have removed some of their front teeth. It’s not only unattractive but it’s actually quite uncomfortable. Chewing food with one or two missing teeth can be a hassle as it now requires more time and effort. Having a dental implant means going back to the easier way of chewing food.

Also, one of the benefits of dental implants involves our smile. Ask yourself this, “do I want to smile with one tooth gone?” No. The sooner you get a dental implant to replace that tooth, the sooner you can return to your beautiful smile.

However, most of the benefits given above are quite superficial. They’re surface level problems that other tooth replacement services can solve. So, what are the more serious problems that come with missing teeth? Let’s start with the very first one.

Crooked Teeth

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You may not know this, but crooked teeth can actually be caused by missing ones. How? Well, think of our teeth as a set of bones that constantly applies micro-pressure to another. If one is missing, our teeth will drift out of place in an effort to fill in the missing space. Drifting teeth means a crooked form. You know what happens when one has crooked teeth? It adds to the problem of the missing tooth. Not only will you apply more effort in chewing, but you can effectively say goodbye to the natural look of your teeth.

Of course, to solve this problem, one can just get any dental product that replaces missing teeth. However, dental implants can are a better alternative because they were built to last a lifetime. Furthermore, dental implants are the only product today that can solve the next problem.

Bone Loss

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If you don’t know what bone loss is, then just take a look at every elderly individual who wears a full set of dentures. Ever notice how their face changes form whenever they take it off? That’s bone loss. With just one missing teeth, you are subject to it.

To fully understand what bone loss is, it’s when our jawbone starts to recede. Why this happens is due to a missing tooth. You see, a tooth is more than just a crown that helps you chew your food. It also has a root. This root puts in the same pressure that the teeth do on the surface. With just one tooth missing, your jaw will start to slowly lose its form. This can only get worse if you decide to extract more.

This could be the number one reason why dentists do their best in convincing you that an extraction isn’t worth it. It should only be a last resort for teeth that is beyond any tooth restoration service.

Currently, a dental implant is the only product that can effectively stop bone loss. How? Because it provides you with a root first before the crown itself. That’s why it’s called a dental implant because it covers the entirety of a tooth and its functions. No other service today can replicate what a dental implant can do.

Comparing It To The Its Alternatives

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Let’s not pretend that dental implants are the only service that replaces missing teeth. There are currently two services that do that. However, they tend to pale in comparison when put aside dental implants.

Dentures, for example, come with a myriad of problems. Sure, they’re quite affordable, but they do hinder speech, are uncomfortable, and only lasts a maximum of 10 years.

You can go for something better like a fixed bridge. It’s much more comfortable than dentures and it can easily last up to 15 years. However, a fixed bridge is unable to stop bone loss. That problem is exclusively fixed by a dental implant.

Now, let’s take a look at a dental implant. It feels natural, it’s durable, it stops all the problems of missing teeth, and it lasts a lifetime. The only drawback that anyone can really affect it is the fact it’s expensive. A single dental implant can be priced at around Php 50,000. This may be the very reason why the service isn’t getting as much credit as it deserves.

A Few Reminders

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If you are interested in getting a dental implant, be sure that you actually provide one. Aside from being expensive, dental implants are quite rare to find. It’s not a service that every dental clinic in the country currently offers.

Also, a dental implant requires enough bone material for it to stand on. If you are a bit short in that department, then know that a bone grafting service can fix that problem. This does mean, however, that you’re paying for more than what you’d normally. Finding a dental clinic that does offer the service can be another challenge.

Finally, always consult with your dentist if you’re interested in a service especially if it’s a dental implant. This ensures that your body has what it takes to hold the product.


A dental implant is a prime example of leaps and bounds that dentistry has achieved over the years. People were rather satisfied with dentures but the innovators sought to give them something better. To give them a dental product that would solve a problem that haunts patients in the future.