Dental crowns have seen a significant rise in popularity throughout the years. Patients realize the outstanding effects and benefits a single dental crown has. However, one of the key things that would deter a person from acquiring a dental crown is the high price tag that comes along with it. There’s no denying that such a service that offers its user a myriad of benefits will inevitably have the pitfall of the price. However, this should not discourage you. This article will talk about the latter and the service itself.

What Makes A Dental Crown Expensive?

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What Makes A Dental Crown Expensive?

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Probably the most glaring factor of a dental crown’s price is the material of which it is made of. The most expensive dental crown today is the gold dental crown. I don’t really have to explain why gold is expensive now, do I? Suffice to say, what a gold dental crown lacks in a natural look makes up for its durability.

When we’re talking about popularity, a porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown is the best deal a patient can choose. One can’t disregard the thought of affordable dental crowns in Manila when talking about a PFM Crown. But even then, a PFM crown still has a hefty price. Just remember that you are paying for a more natural look when choosing a PFM crown.

Finally, comes an EMAX crown. These crowns are made out of the toughest ceramic materials used in dentistry. They take the durability of gold and the natural look of porcelain and blends them together. An emax crown is considered to be the next step of dental crowns so do expect a heavier price to pay when it comes this service.

The Only Place To Go For Affordable Dental Crowns in Manila

So what does Asian Sun Dental Clinic have to do with all the crowns mentioned? Well, if you’re looking for affordable dental crowns in Manila, then they’re the place to go. They handle all kinds of dental crowns from gold, PFMs, EMAX, and even basic alloys. They market the service as part of their featured list so one shouldn’t be surprised of the sheer magnitude of the service’s diversity.

All these things are carried by the fact that they make their services affordable. Affordable to you and everyone else that walks through their doors. So, if you are looking for affordable dental crowns in Manila then simply look for Asian Sun Dental Clinic. You won’t be regretting it.


Asian Sun Dental Clinic is not only limited to one service. They don’t just deal with affordable dental crowns in Manila, instead, they deal with a wide variety of dental services. And, yes, all of the services they offer are made affordable. From dental implants, porcelain veneers and bridges, bone grafting, and so much more.

Asian Sun perfectly executes the service of quality and affordability. These are the qualities they uphold all for the benefit of their dental patients.