The endless innovations of modern technology have allowed most dental practitioners the ability to perform procedures like never before. One of these procedures is bone grafting. Using modern technology and techniques, dentists are now able to heal missing bone formations in your jaw. The best dental service in Quezon City, Asian Sun Dental Clinic, is capable of providing such a service. However, like most things in life, it is important to know when, how, and why you should undergo a bone grafting procedure.

The “When”

Missing bone formations usually happen when a tooth is removed and a hole is left for too long. The hole left will start to shrink and deteriorate resulting in a significant bone loss in the jaw. For most operations, a tooth is removed in order for an implant to be put in. However, there are cases in which the latter does not happen. Once the tooth is removed, specific circumstances may force the person to hold off a dental implant. Bone deterioration will happen.  

Note that bone loss can be avoided if you had your operation performed in the best dental service in Quezon City. Asian Sun Dental Clinic not only provides its patients with high-quality services but also give them some much needed advice. The experience of the dentists at work in the clinic will result in several educated advices that will undoubtedly help their patients.

The “Why”

So why you should you undergo a bone grafting procedure? Simple, if you want that dental implant safely and firmly placed on your jaw then it’s going to need more bone to be placed on. It’s that simple. Your bone, like your teeth, deteriorate. Not only will you need a replacement tooth but you will need to replace the bone for the latter to stand on as well. A dental implant is only possible if it has solid grand to be placed on.

Visiting the best dental service in Quezon City will give you the opportunity for the best bone grafting procedure. The services available in Asian Sun Dental Clinic is not only varied but affordable as well. Both the bone grafting procedure and a dental implant is given to you with reasonably low prices. No other dental clinic in Quezon City can give you such an opportunity.

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Bone Grafting

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The “How”

For the best bone grafting procedure to start, the dentist will take a thorough look at the said area. This will decide the length and materials used for the operation. Usually, after a tooth removal is done, the dentist will fill the hole left with a bone grafting material. If the bone loss proved to be severe, the dentist will take a block of bone shaped to fit the missing area. Locked in with titanium and left to heal, the jaw will finally have enough bone for an implant. If, however, a block of bone is out of the question, the dentist can always use a softer mix of bone substitute followed by a material called a membrane.  

Bone Grafting procedures are relatively safe with the advantages outweighing the risks. However, to ensure that your procedure goes without a hitch it’s best to visit the best dental service in Quezon City. Asian Sun Dental Clinic is led by a dentist, Dr. Garcia, who studied the best bone grafting procedure in Germany. Not only did he study there, but he trained the trainers as well. Also, all the materials and tools used in Asian Sun are at par with international dental clinics. The dentist is assisted by some of the best dental practitioners ensuring that any and all procedures run as smoothly as it can be.


The best bone grafting procedure can spell a myriad of advantages for you and your dental health. Having a tooth removed only opens the door for a replacement. This replacement tooth can last you an entire lifetime and is an aesthetic no dentures can beat. I’ve previously written on dental implants and why they are one of the better alternatives to tooth replacement. If you wish you to read more on it, click here.  

And remember, if you want all future dental procedures to run as best as it can, there is only one answer. Asian Sun Dental Clinic proves it’s the best dental service in Quezon City through several means. All the procedures are done by the best dentists in the city using only the best tools found in the country. Choosing Asian Sun Dental clinic is choosing quality and affordability in your dental preferences.