One of the hardest parts of having a damaged tooth is actually paying for the dental service to fix it. Let’s face it, a dentist’s service is expensive especially when it comes to tooth repair or replacement. There may be a few services affordable but the rest is locked behind a paywall. As the numbers keep stacking up, your future with a fixed tooth seems to fade away. So, how does one even overcome such a high hurdle? Asian Sun Dental Clinic, that’s how.

When it comes to tooth repairs or any other forms of cosmetic dentistry, Asian Sun Dental Clinic specializes in such services. Whatever dental service you can think of, they can do it. Dental implants? Sure! Looking to get a set of porcelain dentures in the Philippines? No problem!

Speaking of porcelain, one of the main services that Asian Sun has is their tooth replacement services based off porcelain. Bridges, crowns, and porcelain dentures in the Philippines are but a taste of the services they offer. Furthermore, Asian Sun is also skilled and experienced enough to actually do a service not a lot of clinics in the Philippines can, Bone Grafting.

So, if you’re looking to get dental crowns or just a set of porcelain dentures in the Philippines, you can rely on their service.

image for porcelain dentures in the Philippines

Affordability and Quality

Another factor that distinguishes Asian Sun from its competitors is the element of affordability. All their dental services, be it complex or simple, have had their prices significantly lowered. You won’t find a single service that’s rated too high for your wallet. Everything was made affordable all for the benefit of their patients.

For example, A full set of porcelain dentures in the Philippines are priced around Php 20,000 – Php 25,000. Some dental clinics might even have more expensive services for the same quality. Asian Sun, however, only asks Php 18,700 for a full set and even lower for partial dentures. This price will remain the same no matter what.

Another advantage Asian Sun has over other dental clinics is their strict abidance to quality. They may have lowered the price for their services but the high-quality work they put in every procedure or operation remains the same. All the dentists in the clinic have enough achievements to fill a trophy cabinet. Not only do they work skill but their hands are guided by years of experience.

Cosmetic Dentistry At Its Finest

I’ve mentioned before how Asian Sun excels in cosmetic dentistry. No one else can provide veneers and at the same time offer you a full set of porcelain dentures in the Philippines. Most clinics stick to the tried and tested services. Asian Sun, on the other hand, tries something different. They have mastered nearly every dental service one can think of.


Though there are other clinics that also offer affordability, Asian Sun is the only dental clinic in the Philippines that actually keeps the value of quality in their work. No operation is left with consequences, everything is done perfectly and to the satisfaction of the patient