People tend to look for an affordable dental clinic in Quezon City to repair damaged or discolored teeth. They want something affordable because dental fees are normally expensive. However, why look for an affordable dental clinic in Quezon City when you have the opportunity to maintain your teeth yourself? We as modern individuals forget that an expensive trip to the dentist can be avoided if we maintain our teeth properly. There are a number of ways we can keep our teeth in top shape condition. You don’t even have to get a whitening service if you follow these few tips on maintaining your teeth.

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Brush, Brush, Brush!

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Brush, Brush, Brush!

Let’s start with something that’s universally recognized as the number one thing you should be doing. Brushing your teeth for at least twice a day is a fact known to all. Brush after every meal and make sure you do it properly with the correct strokes. Brushing efficiently means setting the bristles of your brush at a 45-degree angle. Make sure to include your tongue and gums. Now, if you can’t afford to brush after every meal, then brush twice a day. Brushing your teeth is a step in the right direction in preventing a toothache or any other oral disease.

Get Your Floss Game On!

Flossing may seem like another added effort but it helps your overall dental health. If you do want to prevent future nuisances such a toothache or decay, then floss regularly. It’s actually better to do this activity after meals and brushing since it’s thorough. A good floss gets rid of the particles stuck between teeth thus further preventing decay. If you are worried that flossing is another added effort, then you’ll be glad to know that dentists only recommend flossing once a day.

Sugar Is Generally A Bad Thing

A proper diet does wonders for your teeth in the long run. A tooth decays due to the food you eat. If the food you’re eating is not tooth-friendly, then it’s pretty obvious what comes after. A dentist would advise you to keep the sugar intake at a minimal level. However, if there are certain types of food that ruin teeth then there exists an opposite. Calcium-rich food such as milk, help the teeth’s overall strength. Two more examples include cheese and yogurt. So, if you are worried that whatever you’re eating is destroying your teeth then know that healthy alternatives do exist for you to enjoy.

Stop Smoking

Smoking! It’s bad for your teeth and worse for your health. Smoking regularly can lead to a strong buildup of plaque, tartar, and even teeth discoloration. No one wants these things to thrive inside their mouth so do yourself a favor and quit smoking. Your teeth will thank you and your health shall rejoice.

Regular Checkups

I know I said in the beginning of this article that you can avoid a visit to the dentist if you followed these tips. But this is not the kind of visit that you actually thought it was. Getting yourself a regular checkup from a dental clinic in Quezon City is a thing to do. A dentist can shed light on things you may not know about your teeth. Also, a regular check-up means once every few months. So, don’t think about the inconvenience of visiting your dentist, do it now and be one step ahead of a nasty toothache or tooth decays.


So in closing, you only owe it to yourself to properly maintain your teeth. These tips, when you think about it, are not an inconvenience. They’re a reminder that there are things you should be doing to keep your teeth in a healthy state. Also, if you are looking for a dental clinic in Quezon City for regular check ups, Asian Sun Dental Clinic should be your top pick. They provide great and affordable dental services backed up by years of experience.