There might not be a reason to ask for the cost of dental crowns today, but that day will come. Why? Well, a dental crown is needed to fix badly damaged teeth. And what is the most common way of damaging a tooth? Decay. Physical accidents aside, tooth decay brings about oral damage like nothing else. It’s dangerous because it originates from the food or liquids we consume and our laziness to brush regularly.

What Causes Tooth Decay?

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So how does tooth decay start? Well, here are a few common reasons why.

Too much soda or soft drinks not only cause diabetes but tooth decay and discoloration as well. As you know, the buildup of plaque and bacteria can cause problems. However, these problems are amplified when bacteria come in contact with sugar, which a lot of sodas contain. When bacteria gets a hold of bacteria, it produces acids that degrade or damages the enamel in our teeth.

Citrus fruits are also a suspect in tooth decay. Remember what I said about acids damaging your tooth’s enamel? Well, citrus fruits have a lot of acidic material. Too much exposure to these acids and you might as well say goodbye to the first layer of your tooth, enamel.

Potato Chips might not seem like the major player in tooth decay, but every chip contains a considerable amount of starch. The starch within a chip does get stuck between our teeth. If you don’t take them out, they will turn to the plaque.

The Easiest Way Of Preventing Tooth Decay

So how does one prevent tooth decay? The simplest answer would be with a toothbrush. Plaque buildup can be prevented if you regularly brush your teeth. Either do it twice a day or after every meal. If you do this, you’re greatly reducing the chance of tooth decay. Brushing more than once a day keeps you from searching the cost of dental crowns.

The Cost Of Dental Crowns

So let’s say that you failed to fail to brush your teeth for a considerable amount of time. Your teeth are now at its worst state yet and you need to fix it bad. If you’re looking for the best solution, then a dental crown is definitely a choice you should be looking for. Not only are dental crowns durable but they completely cap off a tooth and replace with a porcelain one.

Why porcelain? For starters, a standard porcelain fused to metal crown is durable. It can range from a price of PHP9,000 to Php12,000. The cost of dental crowns might seem too much, but do remember that you’re getting a replacement tooth that lasts for a very long time. Think of it as a long-term investment.

Where To Find The Best Dental Crown

If you live in Quezon City, then you’re already within proximity of the best dental clinic in Quezon City. Asian Sun Dental Clinic provides the best dental services today and they do it at an affordable charge. How much does a porcelain fused to metal crown cost in Asian Sun? PHP8,360. It’s that affordable. In addition, Asian Sun has an extensive list of cosmetic packages made to save you money and time. Theirs is a dental clinic that truly cares for its patients.


Preventing tooth decay can be done by brushing regularly and keeping a very healthy oral hygiene. One does not need special treatment or dental equipment to keep everything at an optimal state. However, be sure to visit your dentist every now and then to ensure that no complication is currently developing. It’s recommended to visit your dentist once or twice a month.