The cost of dentures in the Philippines can depend upon a few things like the type of dentures being talked about. Seeing as dentures today have a few different varieties on offer, then no solid price can be given. However, this article will try to explore the different types of dentures and how much they cost. In that way, one can know more about the cost of dentures in the Philippines as well as the product itself. The costs of all these variations will matter to you especially if you find that one type of dentures that fit your needs.

The Cost of Dentures in the Philippines

First of all, the cost of dentures in the Philippines is relatively affordable. When you look at all the other services in the same category, you’ll stand to see why. Dentures probably at the bottom of the services that fix missing teeth. Now, this does not mean that the product itself is weak or ineffective. It merely shows that the two other alternatives for the product are far better than it currently is. Of course, that’s where variations come since people tend to think about the standard form of dentures and not the alternatives that if offers.

Partial Dentures

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Partial dentures are, as the name suggests, an incomplete set that only fills the missing teeth of a patient. These types of dentures are more prominent in adults as some may have already lost a number of teeth.

The cost of partial dentures in the Philippines can start at around Php 12,000 or higher. If anyone who hasn’t tried dentures before should start with partial dentures. It’s usually made out of the same material and may give off the same benefits and drawbacks as a normal set of dentures.

One of the more immediate benefits of getting partial dentures is the ability to gack to normal chewing habits. In addition, the product does prevent your teeth from drifting out of place since it’s already lost a tooth.

Moreover, the usual set of partial dentures replace all missing molars. However, there are certain types of the product that tend to replace a variety of missing teeth. How this is done is up to you and your dentist.

Full Dentures

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When you begin to lose most, if not, all of your teeth, then it’s advised to acquire a full set of dentures. Expect it to be as easy as getting partial dentures but on a long waiting time.

Now, I previously mentioned that dentures come with a few drawbacks. Here are most of the problems that patients tend to complain about dentures.

  • Uncomfortable: dentures may cause varying levels of discomfort for the patient. He/she may not like the feeling of the product in their mouth.
  • Loose: some patients have complained that full dentures tend to move around their mouth. This is especially felt in times of speech or chewing. To counter this, the patient must practice keeping the product in their mouth for extended periods of time.
  • Maintenance: users of the product are required to thoroughly wash their own set of dentures after every meal. This prevents the buildup of bacteria on the material.
  • Short Longevity: the average lifespan of a set of dentures is rather short. It can last between 5 – 10 years.

As for their price, the cost of dentures in the Philippines can start at around Php 20,000 or more. Take note, this is the most affordable answer for missing teeth. It may read like its too expensive, but it won’t be until you’ve heard about the product’s alternatives.

Flexible Dentures

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In an effort to quell most of the drawbacks of traditional full dentures, dentists are offering flexible dentures. Flexible dentures have the same concept and functionality as that of regular dentures. However, it uses a different material for its base. Instead of a tough and rigid acrylic, flexible dentures use a more flexible material.

The flexibility of the material brings forth a few advantages the traditional dentures cannot:

  • Due to its flexibility, flexible dentures can stay in one place a lot better. They don’t move around during speech or chewing. Also, they don’t require the user to practice having the product in their mouth.
  • Flexible dentures are comfortable. Their soft and flexible material allows it to take on a more pleasant feeling for the patient. No longer should they suffer from the discomfort of the original product.

However, the trouble of having to maintain it is still present. Actually, especially maintaining the product is needed now because the material that it’s made tends to attract more bacteria.

The cost of flexible dentures can start at around Php 23,000.

Permanent Dentures

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I know I previously stated that dentures are the most affordable service in its own category. However, there is one variety of the product that takes it on the same level as dental implants. Permanent dentures essentially full dentures that are locked in place using dental implants.

The method uses 2 – 4 dental implants to lock the product in place. This basically gives the patient a new set of teeth. All they need to do is treat as it were their own natural set of teeth. This means that they have to brush their teeth because this acts as keeping the product away from the buildup of bacteria.

The price of permanent dentures in the Philippines can be as a high as Php 50,000 or more. Just take note that permanent dentures are a lot better because they leave behind most of their original disadvantages. Its comfortable and it lasts for a long time.


Remember, to pick what’s best for you, you have to assess your current situation. See what variety fits your needs the most and what doesn’t. This is important because although it is affordable, it is still a lot of money for you to regret paying for.

Also, do try and consult your dentist about it. It’ll help you make your decision a lot better and with the guiding hands of a professional. It’s something that you should do for most services.