The first question would ask when thinking about a specific dental service is “how much does it cost?” A lot of the people today know that a acquiring a dental service is costly. Getting your teeth whitened or a tooth repaired will lighten your wallet. The cost of  dental crown in the Philippines? What about dental implants? These types of services may sound expensive. One might be surprised to know that, with the right choices, the service can be made affordable.

The Cost of Dental Crown in the Philippines and other Tooth Repair Services

Let’s start with one of the most well-known tooth replacement services, dental crowns. The cost of dental crown in the Philippines ranges from Php10, 000 to Php15, 000. That price covers one tooth. But what about a dental crown’s alternatives? Well, a porcelain veneer would cost you about the same. A composite restoration stands as the most affordable tooth-repair service for around Php3, 000 to Php4, 000.

Do remember that the price of dental services varies from clinic to clinic. If you’re looking for one that lowers the cost of a dental crown in the Philippines or a clinic that offers promos or packages then make sure to do a sweep of your area.

As for other cosmetic services, a teeth-whitening service from a dental clinic has a standard price of no more than Php20, 000. It’s hefty when it comes to price since it requires top-notch materials and deals with your entire set of teeth.

A Few Ways To Save On Cosmetic Dentistry

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A Few Ways To Save On Cosmetic Dentistry

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Sadly, these are what most dental clinic charge for today. If you want to acquire a dental crown in the Philippines, your wallet’s going light. The best choice you have to properly save money is to take right precautions. If your teeth are not undergoing damage then it’s best to keep it that way through proper maintenance. However, if a tooth is severely damaged and you need it repaired, then find a dental clinic that creates a balance between price and quality. The last thing you want to do is to pay a small sum for a poorly-done dental service.

There is a dental clinic in Quezon City that has mastered the balance between high-quality and affordable dental services. Asian Sun Dental Clinic has what you need if you’re looking to save on the cost of dental crown in the Philippines and everything else. From porcelain crowns, bridges, and veneers, Asian Sun is a dental clinic in Quezon City that cares for its patients. All the services’ prices mentioned above are significantly lowered in Asian Sun whilst keeping the quality one can assume from a high-end dental clinic.