When choosing a porcelain crown in Quezon City, the first question we usually ask about is the price. We don’t know how much a dental clinic in Quezon City is charging for it and it’s ultimately best if we do. So how much does a porcelain crown in Quezon City cost? The straight answer would be: it depends. Each dental clinic has their own way of pricing their services. Some would give it a fairly high cost since it a dental crown is popular yet complex. While others might heighten the price due to the process of actually making one especially with a porcelain crown.

If you’re not changing your mind anytime soon, then the average cost of a porcelain crown in Quezon City ranges from Php10, 000 all the way to Php15, 000. Porcelain fused to a metal crown is indeed pricey and that’s for one tooth! Imagine if you wanted to repair more than one? The costs just keep on going up.

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What’s So Special About A Porcelain Crown?

Image by San Diego Cosmetic Dental Lab

What’s So Special About A Porcelain Crown?  

So why does one even need a porcelain crown in Quezon City? Well, a porcelain crown is one of the most popular choices for tooth replacements. This is due to their durability and uncanny shape that blends well with other teeth. It’s also versatile in the material. A dental crown can be made out of porcelain, gold, or a particular metal alloy. A porcelain crown, in particular, is a popular choice since it fits in with the other teeth and the gums tolerate it very well. In addition, porcelain is stain resistant and requires little to no special maintenance.

How To Save Money On A Porcelain Crown

How does one even save money on a porcelain crown in Quezon City? There are a number ways to achieve this. The most obvious one would be is to try a porcelain Crown’s alternative. A porcelain veneer or composite are strong contenders for tooth repair since they’re the perfect choice for varying degrees of damage. However, if you are adamant in your choice then the best thing to do is to find a special dental clinic in Quezon City. A dental clinic that actually keeps its word of affordability and high-quality services.

Asian Sun Dental Clinic offers a wide variety of dental services at an affordable rate. A porcelain crown is but one of their specialties and it’s marked down at a very affordable cost. One visit in Asian Sun Dental Clinic and you’ll leave with a smile that’ll last for days.