For years and years, dentures have been the go-to answer for most people looking to solve missing teeth issues. However, recent breakthroughs in the world of dentistry have given way for dental implants to grow and thrive in its own market. Dental implants and dentures are both poster boys of their generation. One can look at one procedure and think that it belongs in their era even though they can still hold their own. Regardless of preconceived notions, both procedures are wanted mainly to answer missing teeth. Each has their pros and con. These advantages are what this article will be talking about today.

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Before we compare each service, it’s only right that you’re educated on both dental services.

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Artificial Denture

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Dentures: A Toothless Man’s Best Friend

Dentures are probably the most well-known dental service. You know it, your parents know, and their parents do too. They act as removable false teeth and flexible enough to cover one missing tooth or more in different places. Dentures are divided into two kinds: partial and complete. Partial is used for when a specific number of teeth are missing. A complete set of dentures are used when the entire set of teeth are missing.

One thing to note about dentures is the fact that they have become better. Some of the prior issues that patients had with might not necessarily fit them now but there are still a few issues that loom over them like a permanent storm.

Dental Implants: The New Kid On The Block  

Dental implants are not false teeth that are drilled down into your jaw. They’re actually replacement tooth roots that are drilled in. The implants being made out of titanium give them the durability to not only last for a very long time but act as a sturdy foundation. Fixed or removable teeth are then placed on them. What these replacement teeth may be will vary. Regardless, dental implants have been growing in popularity due to their reliability. They last a lifetime and fit perfectly within any oral environment.

What patients might find concerning about dental implants are their cost. They’re not exactly the most affordable dental service out there today. With the process, materials, and skills needed for a smooth operation to go, dental implants are costly. Depending on the dental clinic you are, the price might vary. So, remember that a dental clinic in Quezon City can provide the same service at a relatively low cost. Check their website and see the services they offer for yourself.

Old School Vs. The Newer Generation

Now, which should you choose? Well, let’s look at dentures first. The biggest advantage that it has over dental implants is its cost. It might also scare a few patients that their dentist will be drilling metal in their mouth as compared to wearing removable false teeth.

What the dentures lack, however, are a lot of things. Dental implants, once everything is done, fit perfectly. They are undoubtedly comfortable and will last a lifetime. Dentures tend to be loose and, in turn, hinders the user’s speech. Loose dentures are not comfortable, and although not all dentures suffer from this problem the possibility still exists, unlike dental implants. One last thing to remember about these two is availability. Dental implants require special training from a dentist so not every dental clinic you stumble upon will provide the service. However, you do have a better chance of your dentist providing dentures since it is a very well-known service.

Both Services Available In Asian Sun Dental Clinic

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