Does teeth whitening work? That would depend on the type of teeth whitening you’re getting. Whitening your teeth at home is a lot different than whitening your teeth inside a dental clinic. Each method has varying degrees of success with a dental whitening being the most successful. If you do want to whiten your teeth then know that there three methods you can try.
This article will answer the question – does teeth whitening work – and talk about the three methods of doing it.

Does Teeth Whitening Work At All?

So, does teeth whitening work? If done at a dental clinic, then a teeth whitening service will work. However, if some other method is used then the results may vary.

Here are the three primary methods of whitening your teeth:

  • In-Office Whitening – these types of whitenings are done by a dentist inside a dental clinic. So far, an in-office whitening is one of the most effective ways of achieving whiter teeth. Depending on the method used, you can get whiter teeth in under 2 hours and in only one appointment.
  • Whitening Productsthere are a lot of whitening products made available to people today. Some of these products use strips lined with a whitening gel while some make use of UV lights. Currently, some dentists have stated that teeth whitening products may not be as effective as they are advertised. It’s recommended to talk to your dentist first before trying the product out.
  • Home Remediesfrom oil pulling to strawberries, there are a variety of methods you can try at home to whiten your teeth. Of course, most of these methods will take a while and may not even provide that much of an improvement, but they do work in certain situations.

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Whitening Done In A Dental Clinic

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When paying for the service of your dentist, you can choose to get the standard whitening procedure or zoom whitening.

The standard whitening procedure involves the use of a whitening gel is applied on your teeth. This gel is made up of hydrogen peroxide and other elements that help support the process. With this method, you can get whiter teeth in a span of 2 – 4 weeks.

Zoom whitening is the newer and more expensive version of a dental whitening. It uses the same whitening gel except for this time the process is made so much faster with lasers. It’ll only take you two hours before your teeth are whiter than they were before.

Whitening Products

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The most popular whitening product being used by people today are whitening strips. These are thin strips that are lined with whitening gel.

To use the product, you are to take a single strip and gently apply it on your teeth. Make sure that the strips are only touching your teeth because contact with your gums can cause damage. Overexposing your teeth to the gel can cause to go temporarily sensitive.

These whitening strips usually with a mouthguard that shines a UV light on your teeth. These are said to speed up the process but that part is quite unconfirmed as of late.

Whitening Your Teeth At Home

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Now, there are two ways you can whiten your teeth at home, you could either do it naturally or by applying certain methods.

The natural way involves the following:

  • Brushing Your Teeth Twice a Day – the same bacteria that causes tooth decay can also cause your teeth to turn yellow. If you don’t want that happening then it’s best if you start brushing your teeth.
  • Foods That Stain Your Teethdrinking too much soda or wine and eating too many sugary snacks can cause teeth discoloration. It’s advised that you brush your teeth in order to avoid t his from happening.

The second method involves the use of coconut oil and apple cider, just to name a few:

  • Oil Pulling – this method not only helps whiten teeth but is an overall benefit to your oral health. Take a tablespoon of liquefied coconut oil and swish it around your teeth for 20 minutes. Spit it out afterward and rinse with warm salt water. Do this every morning before brushing your teeth.
  • Apple Cider – mix a tablespoon of apple cider into a glass of lukewarm water. Use this mixture as mouthwash and swish it around your mouth for no less than a minute. Make sure to rinse with water after using.


If you’re unsure what method you should be doing, then go visit your dentist and get a free consultation. Doing so will grant you the information needed to make the right decision.