It’s hard finding free dental services. Usually, one would shell out a good amount of money when acquiring a dentist’s services. However, did you know that there are free dental services today? Before I proceed, it’s safe to assume that dental crowns, implants, and the like will never be free. Don’t expect the services such as the mentioned to be given away. A dentist still has to make a living, after all.

No, the services that will be featured today are considered to be simple to relatively complicated. Usually, you’d find these services to be priced at cheap right. However, a dental clinic will offer them for free as an incentive or as part of an event. So, here are a few dental services you’ll likely get for free.

Free Dental Services

First of all, just because these are free dental services doesn’t mean they’re not as important as the next one. Each of the services listed down below has their own purpose to fill in. That purpose? It could either improve your oral health or help you obtain that. Regardless, all of the services mentioned below will help you maintain your oral hygiene. You’ll see soon enough.

Dental Cleaning

The average price of a dental cleaning is around Php 1,500 or less. A dental cleaning is probably one of the more overlooked services that a dentist offers. Why? Because patients today are content with their own efforts of maintaining their own oral hygiene. Hiring a dentist to clean your teeth for you will ensure that any plaque or tartar is eliminated. The service is recommended to be taken at least twice in a year.

With that said, the service comes free in a number of ways. Any event that promotes oral hygiene usually come with a free cleaning from a dentist. Oftentimes, the service comes free as part of a cosmetic package from the dentist.

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Dental clinics today offer a free consultation for everyone. This type of business practice has been done for years now. So, what’s so important about a consultation? A lot of things, actually. You see, visiting your dentist for a consultation is a measure of safety. How? Well, there are a few things that we don’t that a dentist does. They are dentists after all. Information is the biggest value one can get a consultation.

Imagine if you’re stuck between a dental crown and a porcelain veneer. You don’t which service fits your needs best. So, what do you do? You go to a dentist. Only a dentist can tell you in great detail how each service would benefit your teeth. Luckily, the service comes free for most of the time.

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Dental Checkup

A dental checkup remains as one of those services that could be free or not. If you do want to pay for a checkup, the average price for it is rather cheap around Php 1,000 or less. Of course, this can depend on the dental clinics you’re in but we’ll talk about that later. So, what does one get for a checkup? It’s probably safe to say that everyone knows what they’re getting from it. However, if you’re not in the know, then a checkup is more of an upgrade to a consultation.

A dental checkup involves the dentist taking a closer look at your teeth. They’ll check for any decay that may have been hidden from sight. Any and all defects or damage will be shown on a monitor. This gives the patient perspective. It gives them the opportunity to take action on what to do with their teeth. Do take comfort in the fact that 5 times out of 10, a dentist won’t charge you for the service.

Dental X-Rays

A dental x-ray, a periapical in particular, can be rather cheap with its price range going around Php 1,000 or less. However, it can be rare for dental clinics to offer the service for free. You’ll most like find this one for free during charity or government-sanctioned events that promote oral hygiene. Regardless, do take the opportunity to get the service it is posted free.

A dental x-ray is essential if a dentist wants to find anything wrong with a single tooth. If a certain tooth is impacted, infected, or maybe even damaged, then a periapical x-ray is useful. The service helps paint an image for the patient to understand.

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Composite Restoration

You might not think of this service as something being offered for free by a dental clinic. But there are a number of dental clinics that are willing to give this one out for free on certain dates of the year. It’s priced at around Php 1,500 or more. Essentially, a composite restoration service aims to repair moderately damaged teeth. The service remains as one of the first choices for a patient who can’t afford dental crowns or porcelain veneers.

Like most of the services mentioned, this can be offered for free on certain days of the year. Dental clinics tend to offer them for free at promos or any other charity events in their area.

Paying For The Services

Did you notice that most of the free dental services are priced at a rather affordable rate? They are and yet they’re still as important as a service priced at Php 10,000. If no dental clinics in your area offer any of the aforementioned services for free, then pay for them. They’re cheap and effective in the purpose they’re trying to fulfill. What more can you ask, really? Just take comfort in the fact that most of these services are marked free by a number of dental clinics in the country.


In closing, one should consider free dental services as an opportunity to improve their oral health. Take note, most of these services help prevent future complications. They’re cheap, if not, free. You know what happens if you continue to neglect your oral hygiene? You get to pay for it, and the pay is nowhere as low as the ones mentioned above.