Our teeth may be one of the strongest materials of our body, but it doesn’t mean that it’s invincible. A tooth can be worn down from improper maintenance or exterior damage. This is why we should care for our own pair unless we’re capable of paying for the consequences. For a tooth that has seen better days, one of the answers is a dental veneer; in this case, a porcelain veneer. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to get acquire a porcelain veneer from an affordable dental clinic in Quezon City.

Before we begin, it’s important to know the importance of a veneer. One shouldn’t resort to tooth removal once it is damaged. Dentists, regardless of origin, will try and dissuade you of tooth removal since it ruins the overall aesthetic of your own pair. There are alternatives and a porcelain veneer serves as an early act of protecting your teeth when it undergoes damage. This article will not only talk about how and why a porcelain veneer is important but it will also tell you where to get it from in Quezon City.

Why a Porcelain Veneer

A tooth that gets worn down or chipped can result to an unwanted aesthetic. Also, no one wants to live with a damaged tooth. It’s a hazard the everybody should not endure. A porcelain veneer acts a replacement. When a tooth’s enamel is damaged, a porcelain veneer can come in and replace it altogether. This fixes a myriad of problems from the tooth’s aesthetic all the way to its function. Discoloration, damage, and much more are fixed through a porcelain veneer.

Asian Sun Dental Clinic provides an affordable dental clinic in Quezon City. If a porcelain veneer is what you’re looking for then it’s what you’ll get. A visit to this dental clinic will not only give the service you desire but the dentists actually give you choices. Choices that can lead to different ways of fixing your issues. Asian Sun Dental Clinic in Quezon City wishes to give you and everybody else an opportunity experience an affordable dental clinic.

What Goes On In The Procedure

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What Goes On In The Procedure?

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As with all dental procedures, preparation is key. Your dentist, after hearing your side of the story, will require your full participation. The dentist will also show you a couple of alternatives to your problems; some have their own pros and cons. When the decision is final, the dentist will scrape the enamel of the said tooth. He will scrape enough enamel out for the veneer to fit in. The veneer will be trimmed and shaped to fit the appropriate size of the tooth. The bonding process (which happens after scraping the enamel off) bids the final stage of the procedure.

Asian Sun Dental Clinic provides the very same service. They are known to be the best affordable dental clinic in Quezon City and they do that title proud. The head dentist will give you a range of alternate fixes to your issue; their vast amount of services makes this possible. The porcelain veneers, the dental cement, and everything else used during the procedure stand up to international dental standards. Getting a porcelain veneer in this clinic will ensure safety, affordability, and quality.

The Benefits of A Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain has always been a dentist’s best friend. The gums tolerate the material well and it’s aesthetic naturally fit the look of your own teeth. No one will notice the difference because porcelain looks identical to your other teeth. In addition, porcelain is stain resistant. So, whatever prior habits you had that led to the discoloration of the tooth is not applicable to this one. Also, a porcelain veneer is proven to be an easier process compared to a crown replacement.

When in need of a porcelain veneer, Asian Sun Dental Clinic will cater to your needs. Their affordable dental clinic in Quezon City not only makes them a viable option but it makes the only option. Affordability does not mean cheap and it’s something that the dentists of Asian Sun abide by. They may be affordable but their services are on par with the best dentists in the country. You can do no wrong by choosing them over other clinics.


In closing, Asian Sun Dental Clinic cements its position as the best affordable dental clinic in Quezon City. Aside from providing their patients with porcelain veneers, the clinic also has a wide variety of other dental services. Each fall under the category of affordability. When in Quezon City, you won’t find any other dental clinic that offers the same amount of qualities as Asian Sun Dental Clinic. So what are you waiting for?