You’ve probably heard of a dental crown and the near-endless benefits it has for its user. You’ve also heard of a porcelain crown and how it matches the teeth with ease whilst keeping a certain level of durability. For years, the porcelain crown remained as the popular choice among those that can afford it. However, there is another type of dental crown one can get from Asian Sun Dental Clinic. A dental crown that ticks every box that a porcelain crown does and even more. This article will explain why you should get a zirconia crown in the Philippines.

What Makes It Different?

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Zirconia Crown

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To fully appreciate a zirconia crown, we must first look at the similarities between zirconia and porcelain. A porcelain crown is popular since it perfectly fits with the aesthetic of your teeth. Unlike a gold crown, porcelain is perfectly unnoticeable. It may not offer the same level of durability as a metal crown, but it got the job done.

Now, looking at a zirconia crown in the Philippines, the material also checks the box of aesthetic. Its translucent appearance gives it an advantage of fitting with the other teeth. Unlike porcelain, however, zirconia is tough. Much tougher. Zirconia is the toughest ceramic currently used in dentistry, so it can handle all kinds of wear and tear thrown at it. In addition, manufacturers have been developing a tougher form zirconium, one that can withstand the most extremes of temperature.

Another box that a zirconia crown checks are compatibility. Just like porcelain, getting a zirconia crown in the Philippines is not only safe but it’s actually recommended. IT causes no adverse effects or any reactions that may harm the patient. Zirconia crowns were made to surpass a porcelain crown and so far it does in every way that it shows.

Why Should You Get It?

If the reasons stated above weren’t enough, then think of a zirconia crown as a porcelain crown on steroids. When looking at a dental crown, one should factor in aesthetic and durability. A gold crown had durability but it’s failed to look natural, making it stand out from the teeth around it. A porcelain crown, on the other hand, looked natural but it wasn’t as durable as gold.

Now, look at a zirconia crown in the Philippines, it’s both tough and aesthetically pleasing. No other dental crown is able to achieve what a zirconia crown can.

How Can One Save Money On It?

Zirconia crown is expensive. It’s more expensive than a porcelain crown so how can you even afford it? By going to the right dental clinic. Asian Sun Dental Clinic provides services such as a zirconia crown in the Philippines and more but they slash the price down to a very affordable level. Their services are not only the best, but it won’t drain you of your monetary resources.


When looking for the perfect way to save money on any dental service, Asian Sun should be the best choice for many. In the clinic, you shall be treated to an experience not a lot of dental clinics are able to give.