How much are dental implants in the Philippines? Dental implants are expensive. Not only are they expensive, but not all dental clinics have them. However, such a service is still worth all the trouble of getting it. Why? Well, this article will talk about that. This article will answer the question – how much are dental implants in the Philippines – as well as discuss some of the key points of dental implants. From what it is, its benefits, and how it holds up against other services that deal in missing teeth.

How Much Are Dental Implants in the Philippines?

So, how much are dental implants in the Philippines? The starting price of a dental implant is around Php 75,000. Yes, it is expensive because it requires special training from the dentist who performs it. Furthermore, dental implants require the right set of amount of tools and assistance. Suffice to say, the service is no joke nor is it as simple as its alternatives.

Remember that the price given above is just an average. There will be dental clinics out there that price their services differently from another. Just note that it may not strat too far from the price given.

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What Is A Dental Implant?

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A dental implant is a small root implant made out of titanium. This root implant is inserted into the jaw bone of the missing tooth. Once locked in and secure, the dentist caps it off using a dental crown. It will take some time before it completely heals and then it stays on permanently.

Dental implants take the concept of replacing a missing tooth even further. It only acts as a root which is as important as the crown itself. This allows it to solve a couple of problems that come when a patient suffers from a missing tooth. The dental crown that goes on top of it is allowed the same variety of material. A patient can discuss these kinds of details with this specialist and dentist.

What Are The Benefits of a Dental Implant?

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Here are the five main benefits of dental implants and why they’re worth the money:

  • Prevents Bone Loss – bone loss causes the bone around the missing tooth to recede. This is a problem that only a dental implant can prevent. No other service that deals with missing teeth can stop it save for one.
  • Permanencea dental implant stays for a lifetime. It’s definitely a permanent answer for missing teeth. Also, if the dental crown on top does get damaged, the dental implant underneath won’t be.
  • Comfortwhen dentures are worn, one can clearly tell feel that they’re wearing an artificial set of teeth. With dental implants, the patient can never teel that it’s there because of its placement. It’ll feel as if you were given a brand new tooth.
  • Prevents Crooked Teethwhen we lose a tooth and fail to have it replaced, your teeth will start to drift out of place. Since a dental implant comes with a dental crown, this effectively stops the problem from happening.
  • Durabilitysince it’s made out of titanium – one of the strongest metals on Earth – dental implants will resist any pressure that chewing can apply. In short, a dental implant can withstand any pressure a patient can put on it.

What Should I Know Before I Get A Dental Implant?

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A dental implant requires enough bone in order for it to be placed securely. This means that anyone who has suffered from bone loss may have to be examined even further. In some cases, bone loss hasn’t done too much damage. However, there are situations wherein a patient is unable to get a dental implant due to the lack of bone.

Fortunately, not having enough bone can be supplemented with another service, bone grafting. The latter is a service that uses a bone graft in order to restore any bone loss. After the procedure, a patient can then get a dental implant for their own.

What If I Can’t Afford a Dental Implant?

Here are two of the most notable services that replace a missing tooth:

  • Denturesfalse teeth made from a special acrylic. These are the go-to service for missing teeth because of its affordability.
  • Dental Bridgea false tooth anchored by two abutment caps on both sides. This product is much better than dentures but it does come at a slightly higher price.


Make sure to consult your dentist first if any of the services mentioned above has piqued your interest. Doing so will give you the info and insight needed to make the right decision on what to choose.