How much does teeth whitening cost in the Philippines? Depending on the type of dental whitening that you’re going for, it could either be relatively affordable or expensive. However, the service itself doesn’t have any benefit to your oral health. It’s purely a cosmetic service chosen by many because it helps improve their smile and confidence.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in the Philippines?

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So, how much does teeth whitening cost in the Philippines? The most expensive teeth whitening can go up to Php 16,000.

However, there is also a benefit in paying more for teeth whitening. With that said, the service is quite expensive no matter how you try and see it. So, why does a lot of people still pay for the service in the first place?

The Benefits of a Dental Whitening

  • A Better Smile – no one wants to see a wide smile if it’s followed by a set of yellow teeth. Having whiter teeth is objectively a better thing to have than the ones that are not. 
  • Quick – if you chose the more expensive dental whitening service, then you’ll be surprised as to how quick it can be. In just under 2 hours, you’ll be introduced to a bright set of teeth.
  • Safe – unlike other methods of do-it-yourself dental whitenings, having your dentist do it for you is very easy and safe. You’re not risking the health of your gums nor are you in the risk of overdoing it.

Worth It?

Remember, having your teeth whitened has no functional benefit for your oral health. It’s purely a cosmetic feature that would benefit you more than your teeth. With that said, having a white set of teeth is always better than yellowed or grayed ones.

If the price does discourage you a bit, then know that there are other methods of whitening your teeth.


Make sure that you talk to your dentist first because you might be part of the few that aren’t capable of whitening their teeth. Also, your dentist may not offer the more expensive service but the cheaper one is still just as effective albeit longer than the latter.