How much is a root canal in the Philippines? The service is actually quite affordable when you compare it to other dental services. However, besides the price, a root canal is one of the most important services a dentist offers. It tackles a problem that a lot of patients today may not know about. This article will try to answer the question – how much is a root canal in the Philippines – and talk about the service even further.

How Much is a Root Canal in the Philippines?

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So, how much is a root canal in the Philippines? The starting price for the service starts at around Php 5,000 – Php 6,000. The price will change from one dental to another but do expect to stay within that range. Also, it’s important to know that location and the type of dental clinic will affect the price.

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What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal therapy involves cleaning out the infected pulp of a tooth and sealing it afterward. This is done because the pulp found within our teeth can be infected through a number of reasons. If left alone to fester, an infected pulp can affect the surrounding teeth. It’s highly advised to go seek your dental practitioner if this happens.

What Are The Signs You Need A Root Canal?

  • Sensitivity to Pressure – an infected tooth may not do well when applied pressure. This causes a severe toothache whenever you chew or apply pressure on it.
  • Sensitivity to Temperaturebe it hot or cold, the infected tooth will ache when it comes in contact with said stimuli.
  • Tender Gumsthe gums around the infected tooth may start to feel soft or tender to the touch.
  • Discolorationthe infected tooth will also start to lose its color. Instead, it’ll start to darken to a more greyish look.

What Happens in a Root Canal Service?

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  • Examinations – first of all, your dentist will examine the infected tooth with the use of x-rays. This is to determine whether or not you do have an infection or what the current state of the latter is.
  • Entry Holesafter applying an anesthetic, your dentist will make an access point to the pulp with entry holes. This means that your dentist will make an opening in order for the files used to go through.
  • Cleaning Out The Pulpwith the use of root canal files, your dentist will start to remove the pulp from the tooth. These files vary in size to accommodate the tight spaces inside the tooth.
  • Rinsing Out The Debrisa combination of water or sodium hypochlorite is used to clean out the remaining debris left in the tooth. After this step, your dentist may apply a medicine to clear out any of the infections remaining. Also, your dentist may opt to wait a week before sealing the tooth. This will depend on your dental clinic.
  • Sealing The Toothonce the tooth is deemed free of its infected pulp, your dentist will start to seal it off with cement and gutta percha. The latter is a special rubber compound that’s put in first to seal the root canals. Afterwards, dental cement is used to seal the rest of the tooth.
  • Checkupsmake sure to visit your dentist if you start to feel aching or pain around the area of the root canal.

What Should I Know Before Going Into The Service?

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A root canal is a necessary service for you to have if you do have the problem. However, a root canal will make a tooth brittle. This is because the pulp pumps blood into the tooth and without it, the tooth is left too weak.

It’s advised to get a dental crown to cap off the tooth after the root canal therapy. Dental crowns start at around Php 9,000 depending on the type of material you’ve chosen. In addition, a dental crown can protect the tooth from further harm which is exactly what the tooth needs after the therapy.

Finally, you may have heard a rumor surrounding root canal therapies and how they’re painful. This is not true. That myth has long since been debunked because dentists use a general anesthetic to numb the pain of the procedure. You will not be subjected to whatever painful treatment the rumor said you will.


As always, it’s advised to visit your dentist for a consultation. This will give you more information on the service regarding its price, length, and other info you may need. Always do this whenever you’re looking to invest money into a certain service or procedure.