The cost of a tooth implant in the Philippines ranks pretty high when you compare it to other dental services available. It should be since it’s one of those services needs a separate license or permit in order for a dentist to perform it. It’s also one of those services that offer a permanent answer to a problem that most people around the world experiences. So, this article will talk about the cost of a tooth implant in the Philippines and what it has to offer you.

What Is The Cost of a Tooth Implant in the Philippines?

The average cost of a tooth implant in the Philippines is Php 75,000. Note that this is the average price of the service which means that it is subject to change. Expect the price to be different from one dental clinic to another. Also, the price of the tooth implant given above is for a single implant. If you’re looking to have more than one missing tooth replaced, then you’re paying double.

Dental clinics that offer the service tend to have a promo or package involving dental implants. The most common practices for these offers is a discount when purchasing more than one dental implant. However, these types of dental packages require the patient to purchase a minimum of three or even four dental implants.

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What Can A Tooth Implant Do For You?

Essentially, a tooth implant is a permanent replacement for a missing tooth. The product is a small titanium root implant. This implant is inserted into the jawbone of the missing tooth.

Here are some of the major benefits of a tooth implant:

  • Permanence – a tooth implant is made to last a lifetime. Once it’s placed and secures in the jawbone, it stays on for a long time. Technically speaking, a single tooth implant can last up to 50 years or even more.
  • An Improvement – when compared to its alternatives like dentures and dental bridges, a tooth implant is capable of preventing a problem that the previous services can’t. A tooth implant can prevent bone loss, a problem that stems from losing a tooth.
  • Versatility – a tooth implant can replace any missing tooth regardless of its place in your teeth.
  • Comfort – tooth implants feel natural and won’t give off a foreign feeling after the operation. They won’t feel out of place and will remain as it is no matter what.

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What Are The Services Tied To A Dental Implant?

There are two services that are a dental implant is directly linked to. One of them is well known while the other is somewhat situational.


  • Dental Crowns – dental crowns are false teeth that replace a tooth without the need of removing or extracting them. These crowns can be made out of different materials such as porcelain, ceramic, and zirconia. So, how are they related to tooth implants? A dental crown is a false tooth that’s placed and locked on top of the root implant. Regardless of their material, a dental crown feels and looks natural. It blends well with other teeth and may even improve the look of the original one.
  • Bone Grafting – a bone grafting service involves the use of a bone graft to restore the receding bone brought by a missing tooth. This service is important to a tooth implant because the latter requires enough bone for it to be placed in. This is where a gone grafting service comes in. If a patient lacks bone, then he/she has to take a bone graft in order to restore that affected area. Only then can the patient get a dental implant.


What Are the Alternatives of a Dental Implant?

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Dental implants have two notable alternatives that are very well-known amongst patients.


  • Dentures – dentures have always been the go-to product for most patients that suffer from a missing tooth. It’s a product that may have its own set of shortcomings but it still remains as an effective way of fixing the problem.
  • Dental Bridge – a dental bridge is a false tooth that’s anchored by two abutment caps. These abutment caps are placed on top of the adjacent teeth of the missing tooth hence forming a bridge. The product itself is a pretty effective service since it doesn’t come with any of the shortcomings as dentures have.



When dealing with a product like a dental implant, it’s important to remember that it requires thorough preparation. If you want the product for yourself, then be sure to consult with your dentist first in order to see if you’re even viable for a tooth implant.