The cost of porcelain crowns is actually quite accessible by a lot of patients who want the service. Porcelain has always been the standard choice for most dental clinics and it remains so today. With that said, what does porcelain have that a lot of patients would pick it over other materials? This article will talk about its qualities and what it has to offer you and your teeth.

What Is The Cost of Porcelain Crowns in the Philippines?

image for cost of porcelain crowns

The average cost of porcelain crowns in the Philippines starts somewhere around Php 9,000. That may seem expensive at first glance but, in reality, it’s actually quite affordable. Most of a porcelain crown’s alternatives go higher than Php 10,000.

Just remember that porcelain is the standard crown picked your dentist. You will always get this if you’re a first time user of the service.

What Are The Advantages of Porcelain?

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – porcelain looks good when compared to a natural tooth. It looks so good that people will have a hard time telling the difference. This makes it a perfect choice for those who are replacing an incisor.
  • It Feels Natural – the biochemical composition of porcelain allows the patient to adapt to its feel much faster. This is important because not everyone likes to run their tongue and feel something foreign in the mouth.
  • It’s Quite Affordable – compare the price of a porcelain crown to that of an Emax crown and you’ll see how different they are in cost. No one likes to spend Php 13,000 for a single dental crown unless they the means to do so. Porcelain poses a great balance between quality and price.
  • It Lasts For A While – a single porcelain crown can last up to 10 years. It needs no special maintenance only that the patient treat it like they would a natural tooth. The amount of value you’re getting for a service that lasts 10 years is something worth trying.


Make sure that you consult your dentist on this matter as they can give you the information and insight needed to make the right decision. Doing so will help save you time, effort, and money in the future when you’re in need of one.