You might have already heard of an implant dentist in Manila and what he/she actually does. You might have already heard of dental implants and what they were made to do. So, how is an implant dentist in Manila important to you and everyone else? Well, look at this way, missing teeth brings about an array of problems you can’t deal with. It brings problems that’ll slowly creep up on you on the later years of your life. Now, if you want to prevent all these problems from catching up to you, then I’d suggest you find a dentist that deals with dental implants.

An Implant Dentist in Manila: Their Purpose

Of course, an implant dentist in Manila has one main purpose, to provide dental implants for patients. In addition, they also offer valuable information that will help those who are currently suffering from missing teeth. You put those two together and what you have is the best answer to your problem.

What About The Alternatives?

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A dental implant is not the only service that deals with missing teeth. An implant dentist in Manila is not the only dentist that can help you deal with missing teeth. So, let’s first take a look at the alternatives of dental implants and what they actually offer.

  • Dentures – dentures have been the go-to dental product for most people with missing teeth. It’s a tried and tested product that’s been in circulation for over a hundred years.Of course, as the years have passed, so too did the quality of dentures. Dentures have been improved throughout the years, their flaws have been severely reduced.

   However, this is not to say that dentures are completely flawless. First-time users of it will still suffer from varying levels of discomfort. Practice is also required to actually keep the product in their mouth, making sure it doesn’t fall off whenever they talk or eat. Upgrades can be made it by using flexible dentures but the trouble of cleaning the product still stays.

  • Fixed Bridge – a fixed bridge has been a more superior product over a set of dentures. Essentially, a dentist takes a false tooth and anchors it together with the use of two dental crowns. These crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth of the missing tooth. Once they’re locked in, a patient will have solved his missing teeth issues without the drawbacks of discomfort or special maintenance.   

What The Alternatives Can’t Fix

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You might already be saying to yourself “hey, if the alternatives are more affordable and basically fix the same problem, then why to pay for dental implants in the first place?” Well, herein lies the issue. A dental bridge and a set of dentures may fix the surface level problems of missing teeth such as misalignment, it does not fix all of it. You see, there is another problem that a missing tooth can bring about. Bone loss. With one tooth missing, the bone around it will start to recede. It will shrink after a few years and eventually it’ll affect the whole jawbone itself. This problem is clearly seen among the elderly, you’ll notice the lack of structure in their mouth especially when they remove their own set of dentures.

How A Dental Implant Can Fix Everything

Dental implants are undoubtedly the best method to date that solves missing teeth. First of all, a patient is getting a root implant. The latter is not present in the two aforementioned alternatives.

A root implant basically makes up the whole implant itself. It’s what gives the product its name because it’s inserted into the jawbone. This root implant not only prevents misalignment but bone loss as well.

The Benefits of a Dental Implant

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Apart from the already glaring ones mentioned above, there are other benefits that a dental implant offers.

  • No Maintenance Needed – a dental implant doesn’t require you to remove every now and again to clean it thoroughly. It does not need a few weekly visits to the dentist to ensure that everything’s fine. Nor does it require any medicine taken to keep it from bleeding or whatnot. Once a dental implant is placed on the jawbone, it stays there for good.
  • Longevity – a dental implant is a product that lasts a lifetime. Unlike dentures which last for at a maximum of ten years, a dental implant can easily last for more than fifty. It’s a lifetime investment that most people will realize come the day they reach their elder years.
  • Comfort – since it’s placed in the jawbone, a patient will never complain that it feels awkward or painful. The only thing that would concern a patient is the dental crown placed on top of it. Fortunately, the crown is usually made up of porcelain which gives a more natural feeling than resin.

Some Reminders

Now, a dental implant is only a viable choice if the patient has enough bone to hold it. However, some patients may have already suffered from bone loss thus missing the opportunity to get one. In situations like these, an implant dentist in Manila may have the tools to perform a bone grafting service.

A bone grafting service involves the use of a bone graft in an effort to restore the bone structure lost. Of course, you will have to pay for it separately and wait a few more months before everything is healed.

Also, it helps to know now that a dental implant is expensive. It’s a pricey service that not every dental patient may afford to pay for. So, be sure to consult your dentist on the terms of payment before going forward with the service.


A dental implant may sound the like the perfect service for you, but it’s always advised to consult your dentist first. This is important because the product is a lifetime investment. The last thing you would want is to regret the decision of actually paying for one. So, to avoid any complications in the future, visit your dentist first and consult him/her on what your next move should be.