Asian Sun Dental Clinic has been the unbeaten champion when it comes to improving your smile in Quezon City. Theirs is a clinic that offers a ton of dental services that cover a wide range. In addition, they put in the added benefit of affordability for ALL their services. So, it’s no wonder that most people from the city treat them as their first choice. So, what can Asian Sun do to improve your smile? What can they do at a very affordable rate? This article will talk about two services that work in conjunction with each other for only Php 2,200!

The Services To Improve Your Smile

Before anything else, it’s worth talking about the services from Asian Sun that also improve your smile. The biggest example would be a dental crown. Dental crowns ensure that your smiles are complete by replacing and capping damaged teeth. In addition, dental crowns last for a long time as it goes for well over a decade if maintained properly.

Another service that also improve your smile is a dental whitening service. Whitening services tend to branch out to two methods namely, bleaching, and laser whitening. Regardless, if one wants to improve your smile then color should be a priority.

Composite Restoration Service

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Composite Restoration Service

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Fixing damaged teeth that make up your smile should be a priority. Nothing ruins people’s smiles more than having chipped or decayed teeth. So, how does one fix it? First of all, if you’re all too worried about the price of tooth repairs then don’t be. A composite restoration service offered by Asian Sun only costs Php 1,100. What can the service do? Well, it involves the dentist applies a restorative material to a damaged tooth. Furthermore, this material is shaped and then hardened. What results is a tooth repair service that effectively restores your smiles for more than a couple of years.

Dental Cleaning

How does one keep a flawless smile? By keeping the teeth clean and away from plaque and cavities. Of course, following a healthy oral routine does help immensely. However, it always helps to get a thorough cleaning from a dentist and a dental cleaning is the best answer. With a dental cleaning priced at Php 1,100, you are sure to get every bit of plaque and tartar that’s been building up.


In the end, you’re getting your damaged teeth fixed and it’s topped off with a thorough cleaning. Your smile is not only fixed but it’s kept clean and pristine for quite a while.

If you do wish to know more of Asian Sun Dental Clinic, then click here to learn more about the services they have on offer!