Is a dental bridge worth it? Well, everyone experiences a missing tooth eventually which calls for the need for a replacement. Currently, there are three tooth replacement services that a patient can pay for. One is cheap but deeply flawed while the other is offers premium solution hidden behind a very price tag. So, where does a dental bridge fit in all of this? This article will talk about it and more.

Is A Dental Bridge Worth It?

Is A Dental Bridge Worth It

To determine if a dental bridge is worth your time and money, here are its major benefits:

  • A dental bridge is comfortable. It doesn’t irritate the gums nor will it have any side effects down the line. Once it’s secured, the fixed bridge will feel natural and it won’t take long before a patient gets used to it.
  • A dental bridge is permanent. The bridge is not removable nor will it slide or move around. It’s made to stay in place no matter what you’re doing or where you are. It will continue to do so for the next decade and more.
  • A dental bridge looks natural. When you’re wearing dentures, everyone will know that you have one. With a dental bridge, however, it’ll look so natural that people will have a hard time even discerning it from your other teeth. Not only does it look good, but it blends easily with other teeth.

How Much Is A Dental Bridge?

The average price of a dental bridge in the Philippines usually starts at Php 20,000. This is not a solid price as some dental clinics will judge it differently. Also, the price will depend on the number of teeth you want to be replaced.

This is a bit more expensive than dentures which start at Php 15,000 but it doesn’t come with any of the negatives. Of course, if you are quite short on cash, then the latter will always do its job regardless if it’s a hassle or not.


Make sure to talk to your dentist about this to determine if whether or not it’s worth the money. This will save you precious time and money in the future.