Is a dental implant worth it? Well, a dental implant is the best solution for a missing tooth today but it is expensive. How expensive? Well, it’s safe to say that three dental bridges are not even enough to get a dental implant. It’s that expensive. However, it does offer a lot of advantages over the cheaper alternatives. With that said, this article will talk about dental implants and whether or not they’re worth it.

Is A Dental Implant Worth It?

Is a dental implant worth it

To know if the service is best for your situation, here are some of the major benefits that it offers:

  • Comfortable – unlike dentures, a dental implant is quite comfortable once it’s secured. It may even feel natural because of its placement. Since dental implants are placed inside the jaw bone of the missing tooth, this makes it feel like a natural tooth.
  • Durabledental implants are made out of titanium which is one of the strongest metals in the world. In addition, it’s placement keeps it out of harm’s way since only the abutment cap is exposed. The rest of the implant is kept safe inside the jaw bone.
  • Long-Lastinga single dental implant is strong enough to last for a lifetime. It’s quite safe to say that it’ll easily last for more than 50 years without the need for repairs or maintenance. The service might be expensive but you’re only really spending one in the span of decades.
  • Stops Bone Lossthis is a problem that occurs after a tooth is removed. The bone around the missing tooth starts to recede and shrink over the course of years. The end result is much more evident amongst the elderly with smaller facial structures. Only a dental implant is capable of preventing this problem from happening.


So, is a dental implant worth it? Well, a dental implant in the Philippines costs Php 60,000 or more. Also, it does involve surgery which might be a little too much for some patients to handle. However, the benefits do outweigh the disadvantages that it has. Make sure to consult your dentist on the matter.