Missing teeth replacements are a common thing because missing teeth happens to us all. It could either be through a premature extraction, decay, or just age. We will eventually lose a couple of our teeth. How it happens may not matter very much because dentists can replace them that easily. What does matter is the service you’re taking for that replacement. Missing teeth replacements are abundant but they do offer the patient a choice. A choice to choose from three of the more notable tooth replacement products today.

What Are The Services for Missing Teeth Replacements?

First of all, if you do have a tooth removed, then make sure to have it replaced asap. Cosmetic issues are only part of the reason. The biggest problem you should worry about is how your teeth will start to drift out of place. The sooner you get to replace that missing tooth the better. Listed below are the best missing teeth replacements you can pay for.

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Dentures are the go-to service or product for those looking to replace a missing tooth. This is because the service not only abundant but it’s actually the most affordable of all three products.

Basically, dentures are a set of false teeth placed on an acrylic base made to blend with your gums. Of course, if you’re only looking to replace a tooth or two then a set of dentures can come in partial.

Are they worth it? Well, here are the main benefits of dentures:

  • Easliy Accessed – due to its popularity, you’ll find almost every dental clinic in the country to offer the product.
  • Affordable – how much are dentures in the Philippines? The price of full dentures in the Philippines starts at Php 15,000. Partial dentures are cheaper while flexible dentures are more expensive.
  • Versatile – dentures can be made to replace one missing tooth or maybe an entire set of teeth. This gives it the benefit of versatility as your dentist can shape it to fit your current situation.

Dental Bridges

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Dental Bridges are considered by many as the next step one can take if they don’t want to pay for dentures. The product is also readily available but it pales in comparison when it comes to its own popularity.

A dental or fixed bridge is a false tooth anchored by two abutment caps. These abutment caps are locked on top of the adjacent teeth of the missing tooth thus forming a bridge. This is a service that a lot of people have heard of but haven’t really tried for themselves.

Here are the benefits of dental bridges:

  • Better Aesthetic – a dental bridge blends well with the other teeth better than dentures. This is mostly due to its conservative nature or build.
  • Natural Feeling – since they’re mostly made of porcelain or ceramic, a dental bridge will feel more natural than a set of dentures.
  • Better Comfort – a fixed bridge stays once a dentist locks it in place. Unlike dentures, the product isn’t removable thus ridding itself of most of the problems that patients complain about with dentures.

How much are dental bridges in the Philippines? The cost of a dental bridge in the Philippines starts at Php 23,000. Of course, this will depend on the number of teeth you’re looking to replace. More missing teeth means a higher price hike.

Dental Implants

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Dental implants are the best answer for missing teeth. Why? Because a single dental implant can solve all the issues of having a missing tooth. Just remember that a service like this won’t be as easily available nor will it be cheap in any way.

So, what is a dental implant? A dental implant is a small root implant made from titanium. This root implant is placed inside the jaw bone where the missing tooth was. It is then capped off with a dental crown.

Here are the main benefits of a dental implant:

  • Permanent – a dental implant was made to last a lifetime. Getting one means you’re probably keeping it for a very long time.
  • Natural – you will never feel the implant once its placd in your teeth. The only thing you need to worry about is the dental crown that goes on top of the implant.
  • Bone Loss – bone loss is a problem that none of the previous services can prevent. Only a dental implant is capable of doing so.

The average price of a dental implant in the Philippines is Php 75,000.


Make sure to consult your dentist first before attempting to get any of the products above. Doing so will give you the information needed to make a solid decision from the three choices.