Missing Teeth

Be it through decay or damage, when a tooth is beyond repair, you will be required to remove for safety purposes. Going to a dental clinic in Quezon City and having your tooth removed is not the end of it all. It actually opens the door to a few viable options you can take. Asian Sun Dental Clinic, a dental clinic in Quezon City, can offer you a few answers to missing teeth. In truth, no one wants to live their lives with missing teeth. It brings forth problems that are better solved now than later. So, if you are going to visit a dental clinic in Quezon City, then know that you are allowed these three immediate options of solving that missing teeth.

Why Tooth Removal Actually Happens

A tooth needs to be extracted for a few reasons. Normally, a tooth can be repaired through various dental procedures if it has suffered damage. If it’s chipped then either a composite restoration or a porcelain veneer will solve it. If it’s badly damaged then a new dental crown may be required. It is when a tooth becomes severely damaged beyond repair that it required extraction.

Damage isn’t the only reason for a tooth extraction. Infection is another risk that an individual can’t afford to fester. Now, a root canal therapy is usually the best answer for an infected tooth. However, if its risks infecting the other teeth around it, then removing the tooth might be the best answer.

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Why Tooth Removal Actually Happens

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Dentures are probably the most well-known solution to missing teeth. It’s a proven method and affordable when compared to the other solutions. However, out of all the solutions, dentures probably hold the most scrutiny. It has a few shortcomings that can bother the user. One of these problems might be speech. Some dentures, when not fitted properly, can hinder one’s speech. Its loose structure can cause problems. In addition, it requires special maintenance if one wishes to keep it for a very long time. Unlike dental implants, dentures require being independently cleaned. It might not sound so bad but it’s still worth pointing the extra effort required.

Dentures are a safe choice. Most of the people you meet might even recommend it. If you are to make a choice, however, it’s better to think things through with the other solutions.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge involves a false tooth being connected to two caps which anchor it in place. The bridge can be made out materials such as porcelain. Porcelain is stain resistant and durable enough to handle everyday oral activities. It also looks natural, unlike steel or gold. The biggest thing to note from a porcelain bridge is the fact that it requires the two teeth beside it. The process involves the two adjacent teeth being filed down to size in order to make for the caps. The caps hold the bridge. So, if you don’t mind the dentist filing down two teeth to fill in a missing one, then it’s best to move on to the next solution.

Dental Implants

If dentures feel old school, then dental implants are the newer generation. Now, a dental implant involves the dentist placing a titanium-made implant inside the missing tooth’s spot. The implant serves as a very durable foundation. The replacement tooth will be sitting on the foundation. Just like the dental bridge, the false tooth can be made out of porcelain. Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t require special care or maintenance and can actually last a lifetime. The only thing the user is required is to follow the basic steps in maintaining oral hygiene. It’s that simple. However, the biggest aspect that can raise a lot of eyebrows is the price. It’s not exactly the most affordable dental service in the market.  

What Happens If You Live Life With A Gap Between Your Teeth?

Remember when I stated that no one wants to live their life toothlessly? Well, it’s not just a matter of aesthetics but it’s also a matter of dental integrity. A missing tooth can cause trouble if you decided to just leave it be. For starters, you will have to adjust your eating habit since a missing tooth means a missing spot where the food goes to. Another reason would be placement. With one gap between two teeth, the teeth around will change in placement. This won’t happen overnight, but it is gradual. Finally, just imagine chewing with a single tooth missing. Depending on the tooth’s placement, you will be met with a lot of inconveniences. One body part can affect the other and the same can be said when we’re talking about a missing tooth. So, it’s best if you do find a way to solve that issue.


The most important thing to do when given these three choices, it to see which one fits you the most. If you have the money, go for dental implants. If you want to save money, dentures are always a safe bet. Finally, a dental bridge is still viable when you don’t metal drilled into your jaw.