Root Canal Service

The root canal service, you’ve heard a lot about this dental service and how it’s an alternative to tooth removal. However, the same people who told you this might also say that it is not the easiest dental service. Not in terms of difficulty for the dentist performing but for the patient who will be undergoing the said procedure. This is where they are wrong. Having a root canal treatment done in the best dental clinic will prevent this. It’s all a matter of skill and Asian Sun Dental Clinic is the best dentist in Quezon City.

Now, this article will cover all the facts you need to know regarding a root canal service. From the how’s and the why’s as well as the cost of such a dental service. In addition, this article will also explain why Asian Sun is the best dental clinic you should go to when in need for a dental service.

A Bit of Information

So what does a root canal service involve? Well, when the pulp inside a tooth that contains nerves and tissue is damaged, it breaks down and bacteria will start to fester from within. All these can cause an infection that will most likely lead to an abscessed tooth. Living with an infected tooth is definitely no walk in the park. An infected tooth will cause a throbbing pain. You do not want to go through this so it’s best if you visit a dentist. There is an affordable dentist in Quezon City you can go to when you’re going through this situation. Asian Sun Dental Clinic gives you the opportunity to solve that infected tooth at an affordable rate.

Why Not Just Remove It?

Well, you can. You being the patient, you have the choice of just outright removing that tooth if you don’t want to suffer from it. However, choosing this alternate path will cause a chain of other dental services you will have to follow if you want to keep the overall shape of your teeth structure. Getting a root canal treatment means that you’re solving the issue of that infected tooth whilst keeping the actual tooth itself. Keeping the natural tooth is always a plus compared to a replacement tooth. If you do want to keep the natural shape of your own set of teeth, then it’s better if you undergo the root canal treatment.

The Process Itself

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The Process Itself

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After an x-ray, your dentist will determine if there is such an infection within the said tooth. After applying a local anesthesia to numb the pain and a rubber dam to keep the area dry of saliva, an access hole will be drilled. The infected pulp will be removed through the use of a series of root canal files. After a thorough removal of the pulp, your dentist will either seal it up the same day or wait a few weeks if the tooth was severely infected. After the procedure, you will need to visit your dentist for a few more days as the final steps to recovery will be discussed with you.

The Cost

The cost of a root canal treatment can vary from how severe the infection is or what tooth is to be performed on. Regardless, the price may also depend on the dental clinic itself. Some charge thousands while others less. However, if you’re looking for an affordable dentist in Quezon City then I would point you to Asian Sun Dental Clinic. Asian Sun asks for half of the normal asking price of the service but the quality you’re getting is doubled. Only in Asian Sun shall you receive such treatment. The clinic can solve that infected tooth and you get to leave with your pockets still full.


Getting to keep your natural tooth is an opportunity you should definitely jump on. Why remove that tooth when there is a service that can fix it? A root canal treatment is a better alternative. The procedure is safe when done by only the best dentist and it does not lead into a series of other dental procedures. Having a tooth removed usually means you have to replace it if you wish to keep the natural form of your teeth. Replacing it means more services to pay for.

Asian Dental Clinic is the best affordable dentist in Quezon City. Why? The services they offer, especially the root canal service, comes at a very affordable rate. Aside from the high-quality service you’re receiving, the dentists at work will also give you dental advice and all the information you need to know regarding other services.