Oral Hygiene Myths

Growing up, we tend to be believe everything our elders tell us hence the birth of oral hygiene myths. Some of the things they say may turn out to be false later on through our own discovery. However, when it comes to anything oral-related, it’s hard to find what is actually the truth and what is not. Now, oral myths do exist. There are some common beliefs among people that involve our teeth. Some are real while others are either a misunderstanding of how our teeth actually work. So, here are ten oral myths that people still believe in.

oral hygiene myths

White Teeth Is Healthy

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White Teeth Is Healthy

While we all want white teeth, to say that a tooth’s color is the sole reason for its health is false. Our teeth can lose its color but it does not lose its health at the same time. The same goes for the whitening teeth. Teeth whitening services are purely a cosmetic service. It was not meant to strengthen the teeth or prolong its stability. Visit a dentist to clear up oral hygiene myths such as this one. 

Brushing ALL The Time

I’ve probably written before how one should brush after every meal. The problem with that statement is that it tends to be false. We all have to brush our teeth every day, but not all the time, that is an oral hygiene myth. The amount should be at least twice a day. Brushing too much may cause slight damage to your teeth’s enamel. Take everything in moderation and you should be okay.

Fluoride Damages Teeth

You might’ve heard the odd fact of fluoride hurting your teeth. While this is true, one should never use this reason to avoid the usage of fluoride-based toothpaste. Flouride can damage teeth if it is taken at a dose twenty times stronger than what we usually deal with. The current dosage of fluoride one takes actually helps strengthens our teeth and not the opposite.

Stop Brushing When The Gums Start Bleeding

No one wants to see blood in their daily routine. It might be alarming to see blood when we brush our teeth but it’s certainly not a signal to stop. Bleeding gums can be caused by gingivitis or the buildup of plaque higher up in your gum line. Instead of stopping something in your routine, add to it. Visit your nearest and dentist and get your oral health checked. Don’t let oral hygiene myths such as this one ruin your teeth in the long run. 

A Toothbrush Lasts A Lifetime

Like many things, a toothbrush has a lifetime. For as long as you’re using it, the condition of a toothbrush will weaken. Its bristles frayed and can no longer deliver the same results as it used to since day one. Luckily, a toothbrush is cheap and the American Dental Association advises that an individual should replace a toothbrush every three months.

Dentists Is A Gateway To Pain

Unless you grew up with the fear of dentists, then you of all people should know that this is false. Dentists know how to care for their patients. Thinking that every dental procedure results in aching pain is doing your dentist a great disservice. One should realize that a dentist is trained to handle each and every procedure with skill and patience.

Brushing Your Teeth Means Keeping The Dentist Away

No one else knows more about teeth than a dentist. So, it’s only logical to get a dental checkup for at least once a month. It’s cheap and it helps to know what’s going on your teeth. In addition, finding certain problems in your teeth will help you decide on taking the next step. There are a lot of things one can learn from a single visit to the dentist. This what dentists are for, to debunk oral hygiene myths such as this one. 

I Don’t Need To Floss If I Already Brush My Teeth

No. Just no. There is a reason why flossing is one of the best ways to keep your oral health at an optimal level. Flossing ensures that you are removing any food particles stuck in between teeth. To avoid flossing is a mistake you can’t afford.

Sugar Is The Sole Enemy Of Teeth

While it is true that too much sugar and not enough brushing causes tooth decay, there are other factors to it. Sugar is bad because bacteria in our mouths turn it into acid that will do damage. However, there are other consumables that factor into tooth decay. Citrus fruits, for example, can damage teeth if consumed too much.

Tooth Extraction Is The Best Answer

When a tooth is removed, especially on adults, it tends to cause a domino effect on other teeth. A lot of people in less-informed countries tend to turn to tooth extraction when, in truth, it serves as a last resort. There are tons of alternatives in repairing one’s tooth. Alternatives that are safer and much less consequential.


When in doubt, visit your dentist. There is no one else that can give you the right advice than your trusted dentist. Never fail to visit one as it can open many doors to closed questions. Believing in fact and not in a myth can save you money and time in dental expenses.