An orthodontist in Manila can do a lot for you and your teeth. Most of the time, however, people see them as the main source for orthodontic braces. Little do they know, an orthodontist in Manila actually has more to offer than just braces. In their arsenal lies a series of different orthodontic appliances that were made to fix different problems concerning the alignment of teeth. Problems such as crowding, underbites, and more. This article will try and show the different types of braces that they offer as well as other problems that they can fix.

An Orthodontist in Manila: What They Can Fix

Let’s us first focus on the problems that an orthodontist in Manila can actually solve. Mainly, an orthodontist deals in the correction of misaligned teeth. This correction is done through the use of different orthodontic appliances that’s to be placed in a patient’s mouth. The appliance is meant to stay on for an extended amount of time such as months or even years.

Luckily, almost every city in the Philippines has a dedicated dental clinic that centers its work around orthodontics. People all around the country have access to this service.

The Problems an Orthodontist Can Fix

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Note that most of these problems are fixed through the use of a set of braces.

  • Crowding – this problem happens when there isn’t enough room for the teeth to erupt or form. This causes several teeth to be in an awkward position that puts them too far to be used in chewing.
  • Spacing – when a few or all of your teeth have too much space between them, this can be a purely cosmetic issue you can fix with a set of braces.
  • Openbite – when the upper and lower teeth don’t overlap, this causes an open bite. This problem severely affects chewing as the problem is mainly due to excessive thumb-sucking.
  • Underbite – this happens when the lower teeth extend too far out that it doesn’t meet the upper teeth.
  • Overbite – the same as an underbite except the problem occurs when the upper teeth extend or protrude too far in front.

Although there are more problems that an orthodontist can fix, the ones listed above are simply the more common ones. Make sure to visit the nearest orthodontist in your area to know which of the problems above you’re facing.

The Types of Braces Available

Before we get to the braces themselves, it’s worth knowing how much they are priced, to begin with. Well, the average price range of the standard braces in the Philippines can start at around Php 30,000. Of course, do remember that the price can be higher depending on the degree of correction needed for your teeth. The worst the case of crowding or spacing you have, the more expensive it’ll be not to mention the length of treatment.

Most of the time, children starting at the age of 10 faces the most severe cases of these kinds of problems. Since a standard set of braces are to stay on for 12 – 24 months, fixing the problem at a young age is advised by many.

Traditional Metal Braces

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Ths is probably the first thing that comes to people’s minds when thinking about an orthodontist in Manila.

Traditional metal braces are mostly made out metal arches and wires that connect together. These are actually the toughest of all braces due to their rigid metal build. This means that severe cases of teeth correction may be in need of metal braces only. Not all types of braces can handle the amount of stress that a high degree of correction can cause.

The main downsides of traditional metal braces are as follows:

  • Pain and discomfort – first time users will find that wearing braces for the first week or two will be very uncomfortable. This is a known problem amongst those that use traditional metal braces.
  • Constant maintenance – traditional metal braces also require constant maintenance or adjustments made by an orthodontist. One can see this as an inconvenience.

Ceramic Braces

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The main advantage of ceramic braces is their look. You see, unlike metal braces, ceramic braces are made out transparent material. This gives it a more subtle appearance that’s not so easily noticeable by many.

The main downside to ceramic braces, however, is their durability. It’s advised to avoid full-contact sports whilst using ceramic braces. In addition, ceramic braces may not be the ideal orthodontic appliance for severe corrections.

Ceramic braces are basically the ideal product for those that dislike the metallic appearance that traditional braces give.

Damon Braces

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Damon braces take everything that patients dislike about metal braces and throw it out the window.

Currently, Damon braces are considered as one step above traditional braces because the only downside it has is its high cost. Its benefits include:

  • A shorter treatment time – Damon braces can reduce treatment time of up to 8 months.
  • Less discomfort – Damon braces use a sliding mechanic which allows it to adjust easily to any adjustments made. This gives it the benefit of less discomfort felt during the first couple of weeks.
  • No more maintenance – due to the same sliding mechanic, Damon braces don’t require any maintenance whatsoever.
  • Not so metallic – Damon braces don’t contain the same amount of metallic appearance that a traditional set of braces have. It may not be as good as ceramic braces but it’s not as close as traditional ones.

I’ve mentioned before that Damon braces were expensive. The average price of Damon braces in the Philippines can start around Php 100,000. Also, the given price will change according to the degree of correction needed as mentioned before.


Finding the right kind of braces to choose from an orthodontist can be difficult. So, what do you need to do? Well, you consult one.

A consultation must always be followed especially when it comes to your teeth. Only your orthodontist can tell you which set of braces is right for you. Doing this avoid problems in the future that could cost you tens and thousands of pesos. Don’t worry, consultations are either cheap or free.