When you hear the word “porcelain”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A toilet? Well, I wouldn’t blame you considering that you don’t hear that word too often. But what about another word to think of when hearing “porcelain”. Works like crowns, veneers, or bridges? That’s because, in the world of dentistry, porcelain is one of the go-to materials for tooth repairs and replacements. Getting yourself some porcelain crowns in Manila is now a thing and it’s actually a popular choice for most dental patients. Porcelain’s own chemical composition makes it the best candidate for tooth replacement.

Why Is Porcelain So Good?

In the context of tooth replacement, porcelain perfectly captures the look and feel of a tooth. It’s natural color blends well with other teeth and it can be modified to follow the correct color of your teeth. So, if you don’t exactly have the whitest teeth in the world, the dentist is able to adjust the color of your replacement tooth. This is perfect for porcelain crowns in Manila since the service itself stands as the best choice for tooth repair.

Another advantage that porcelain has over other replacement materials is its resistance towards stain. If you’re a smoker or a caffeine addict, then your porcelain tooth will not face any discoloration whatsoever.

Durability is another aspect that patients are gonna look into when it comes to their teeth replacements. Sure, those porcelain crowns in Manila may not be as tough as gold but it’s still tough enough to handle business. It’s durable enough to withstand the everyday functions of your tooth.

The Dental Services Involving Porcelain

Probably the most commonly heard service that involves porcelain is dentures. Porcelain dentures are affordable and they easily tolerated by your mouth due to the porcelain itself. If one can’t afford dental implants, then try porcelain dentures are always a good alternative.

A porcelain bridge is a very good answer for missing teeth. The service involves two dental crowns and one false tooth. The crowns anchor the tooth and it makes a bridge. Once the adjacent teeth have been filed down to size, the crowns are placed on top and the missing slot is replaced with an anchored tooth made out of porcelain.

Porcelain Veneers are an intermediate answer to a cracked and a chipped tooth. The veneer itself is made out a shell-like porcelain material that is placed on an incisor. It fixes the tooth and replaces it with a more aesthetically pleasing one.

Finally, dental crowns are probably the biggest service that porcelain has affected. Getting porcelain crowns in Manila is a patient’s dream considering that it’s the best option out there for tooth repair or replacement.

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Remember, picking the right service for you does require the professional advice of a dentist. The same goes for these services. Never underestimate the things one can learn from a single visit to your local dental practitioner.