Getting an all porcelain crown in Manila is a serious upgrade for anyone who is currently using the standard porcelain crown. Of course, getting an upgrade means that it does come with the price hike. However, there are still a few things to consider before you go around trading your current dental crown. Considerations that may just save you a hefty amount of time, effort, and money. This article will go over all the considerations of getting an all porcelain crown in Manila and more. Plus, this article will give you some tips on other choices for the product.

All Porcelain Crown in Manila: Worth It?

First, of, an all porcelain crown in Manila is expensive. This is because it takes a lot more skill to actually apply it to the desired tooth. In addition, all porcelain crowns are usually made out of a specially heated ceramic. This ceramic comes with a few advantages that we’ll go over later.

Another thing that you might take into consideration is your current dental crown if you do have one. Is it truly the time to get an upgrade? Well, this article will try and answer that question along with others that need answering.

The Standard Porcelain Crown

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Since there exists an all porcelain crown in Manila, this means that there too is a standard one. These porcelain crowns are called PFMs or Porcelain-fused to metal crowns. They’re called this way because the crown has a metal base covered coated with porcelain. These types of dental crowns are the standard choice for most people looking to get started with the product.

They are relatively affordable and effective at what they’re trying to do. Here are some of their benefits:

  • Aesthetics: the porcelain exterior blends pretty well with other teeth.
  • Stain-resistant: porcelain is known to be a bit impervious to most cases of staining. They are less prone to lose their color.
  • Affordability: being the standard choice for most people, this nets a PFM crown the advantage of being one of the more affordable dental crowns.

Of course, a PFM crown isn’t perfect. It’s still subject to a few drawbacks that one must be mindful of. The disadvantages are as follows:  

  • Durability: a PFM crown isn’t the most durable of dental crowns. It still has the tendency to chip or crack under certain amounts of pressure.
  • Metallic base: some may not like the feeling of metal in their mouth.

Now that you know what the standard porcelain crown can offer, it’s important to compare them to an all porcelain ones. Fortunately, you can see for yourself how an all porcelain crown is so much better than the standard choice. Finally, it’s worth noting a standard PFM crown is rather abundant. Most dental clinics in the country offer these types of crowns first before anything else.

All Porcelain Crowns

Currently, there are different variations that come to an all porcelain crown. However, this article will take a closer look at two of the more notable ones: emax and zirconia. These two all porcelain crowns are quite popular amongst the masses, so it’s worth talking about them more. Also, chances are, there’s a better opportunity for you to actually get these from your nearest dental clinic.

Zirconia Crowns

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Zirconia crowns take a specially heated kind of zirconia and meld it together with the right components. These components are what gives zirconia crowns their look, feel, and shape. They may not be as popular as emax crowns, but more and more dental clinics are starting to test them out.

As for their price, zirconia crowns are in the same range as an emax crown. Although an emax crown does inch its way more towards its expensive prices.

What separates a zirconia crown from an emax crown is that it’s more inclined towards durability than it is in aesthetics. Now, this doesn’t mean that a zirconia crown is downright ugly. It just means that an emax crown beats it when it comes to aesthetics.

Because it does concentrate on durability, this does mean that a zirconia crown can be a replacement for most teeth. Even molars. Its hardy structure gives it the capability to withstand the pressure that a molar can on a regular basis.

Emax Crowns

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Emax crowns are also known as ceramic crowns. Of course, these aren’t the same ceramic crowns as the ones that make up your toilet. No, this type of ceramic has been especially heated to a certain degree. Its formation gives it durability and one of the best looks you can have from an all porcelain crown.

Emax crowns are expensive. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take it. Emax crowns may be more expensive than regular porcelain crowns, but they are still quite affordable.

As mentioned above, zirconia crowns do beat emax crowns in terms of durability. However, out of all dental crowns today, emax crowns are probably the best in aesthetics. Its translucent nature gives makes it near impeccable and unrecognizable as a false tooth.

Also, due to its popularity, more dental crowns are bound to offer this variation of an all porcelain crown.

What To Pick?

It’s important to know what dental crown suits your needs. The best action you can take is by visiting your dentist. Your dentist can show you all there is to know about these types of dental crowns.

Also, apart from all porcelain crowns, you can try out metal crowns. Metal crowns are undoubtedly the most durable material you can have to replace a tooth. Of course, there isn’t much in way of aesthetics but they are able to take a whole lot of punishment. Still, it’s worth consulting your dentist about it before you do anything.


In closing, finding the perfect dental crown may depend on your current needs. If you’re looking to get a crown that values the look then it’s best to veer towards porcelain crowns. If you value durability above everything else, then it’s advised you try out metal crowns. And, as always, do consult your dentist in such matters.