False teeth come in many forms as do dental services that fix missing teeth. By “forms” I do mean the materials or components in which the false teeth are made out of. The material you choose does range to a number of choices you can have. You’re probably thinking about gold and how it has a strong resemblance as to antagonists in movies. While gold is one of the choices, there are other options you can take that have the results you’re looking for in a dental crown. Yes, a dental crown is one of the key choices for false teeth since it comes at an affordable rate (depending on your dental clinic) whilst being capable of holding up on its own.

This article will talk about the top choices for a dental crown and what it’s made of. However, at the end of the article, I will tell you the best choice you have when picking a dental crown as your answer to missing teeth. Do remember that a crown made out of gold, steel, or porcelain is available in Asian Sun Dental Clinic. Asian Sun is a dental clinic in Quezon City with affordable services. They are run by the best dentist in the city and their extensive package list helps patients save a considerable amount of money for their dental needs.

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Golden Dental Crown

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A Quick Review On A Dental Crown

A dental crown is the probably one of the best options you have to solving severely damaged teeth. They are placed on top of the tooth and takes its place in your daily oral activities. Know that by “missing teeth” I meant the ones that are no longer of use to you. Let’s face it, what good is a tooth if it does not serve its purpose, right? That is where a dental crown comes into play. It serves as a replacement. A replacement that can last for a very long time if properly maintained.

Gold Dental Crowns

A gold dental crown is not uncommon. A select few actually prefer it since its metallic material is durable and sturdy. It is “mouth friendly” and any notion of metallic poisoning is simply an insult to the dental clinic in Quezon City that you’re getting it. However, gold does not fit the overall natural aesthetic of your teeth. Sure, if you don’t mind the gold dental crown sticking out, but a lot of people prefer a more natural look. If you’re familiar with a dental crown and how it is applied, then you’d know that a bit of tooth material has to be scraped off. A gold dental crown does not need a lot of it removed, unlike its porcelain cousin.

Porcelain Dental Crown

As for a porcelain dental crown, it remains durable. However, it’s not AS durable as gold nor is it as tough as a dental crown made out of base alloys. What a porcelain dental crown has its aesthetic and affordability. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a dental crown made out of gold is more expensive, right? The only thing you need to know is that a dental crown made out of porcelain does require a lot more teeth scraped off as compared to its counterparts.

What Makes Porcelain Dental Crown Better?

So, why is porcelain is the best choice for a dental crown? When you look at the concept of a replacement tooth, you’re looking for elements that fit a tooth. The look, the shape, and even the color itself. The edge that a porcelain dental crown is the fact that it perfectly resembles the look of a tooth. It’s sturdy and it can handle the daily activities of your teeth. It may not be as durable as gold or any other metal, but it’s enough. The price too is something you should be considering. Not everyone can afford a gold dental crown, but most of them can buy a porcelain one.

In Closing

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