Dental Implants in the Phil.

Asian Sun Dental Clinic boasts a wide variety of dental services available for every patient in Quezon City. However, some of these services are more heavily featured than the others. This is due to the services’ complex nature and overall cost in relation to other dental clinics. So when it comes to dental implants in the Phil., Asian Sun Dental Clinic excels in affordable and high-quality service. Furthermore, the services on offer are done by only the best dentists in the city. By this, I mean that the head dentist, his assistants, and dental technician all have more than enough substantial experience and achievements.

The services that Asian Sun Dental Clinic features all display their skill in dentistry. You can’t deny that for a dental clinic in Quezon City to featured services such as dental implants in the Phil. have a strong chance of displaying mastery in their skill. Sure, Asian Sun still does the basic services, but it’s in their featured ones in which they truly shine.

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Top Notch Dental Services From The Best Dentists

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Top Notch Dental Services From The Best Dentists

So, about these dentists that actually perform the operations on their patients. Asian Sun Dental Clinic not only boasts about its services but on its dentists as well. The head dentist himself, Dr. Garcia, has been a dental practitioner for more than a decade and still continues to do so. His training around the world, from Zurich, Germany, and Hong Kong further added pages to his book of experience. No wonder he features services like bone grafting and dental implants in the Philippines.

Dr. Garcia, however, is not alone in Asian Sun Dental Clinic. He is aided by dentists such as Dr. Regala and Dr. Bolintiam. The clinic’s assistants, Ms. Yanes and Ms. Susa ensure that every procedure goes as smoothly as possible. Their dental technician, Mr. Nacario, ensures that everything goes according to plan with the tools and materials used in every procedure. With a staff such as this one, it’s no wonder Asian Sun Dental Clinic provides only the best dental services in Quezon City.  

The Dental Services On Offer

If you are in need of a dental service, Asian Sun Dental Clinic has an answer for nearly everything. In addition, the clinic provides alternatives to these answers ensuring that it still falls upon your word. Missing tooth? A porcelain bridge, dentures, or dental implants in the Philippines. Damaged tooth? Composite restorations, porcelain veneers, and caps. None can match the staggering amount of choices that Asian Sun Dental Clinic gives its patients.

But what if you don’t have a chipped tooth or missing teeth? How can Asian Sun Dental Clinic still help you? Remember, you are in the presence of some of the best dentists in Quezon City. They can answer any question or inquiry you might have regarding teeth and dentistry. If you’re there to ask questions, then feel free to ask for a check-up. It is through this procedure that Asian Sun can shed light on any looming dental issues that you might have.


So in closing, to get services like veneers or dental implants in the Philippines, there’s only one place to go to. Asian Sun Dental Clinic was formed out of the purpose of serving its patients. By giving them an affordable way of solving dental issues, patients now recognize Asian Sun as the dental clinic everyone must experience.