Let it be known that the Asian Sun Dental Clinic is known for its wide range of services on offer. From porcelain crowns, bone grafting, dental veneers, and more, this QC dentist will gladly answer any issue you have with your oral health. But how deep does the rabbit hole go? What specific services does the Asian Sun Dental Clinic have other than one’s proudly featured on their very own website? This is the question I’ll be answering today. You will be reading an article that will be going over the various services that this Quezon city dentist has on offer.  

Dare To Try All of Them?

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Let’s start with the obvious ones. This QC dentist is capable of giving you high-quality porcelain crown, bridges, and veneers. These are probably the most highlighted service in the clinic because the dentists at work can perform them with ease and safety. However, aside from the use of porcelain as a repair procedure, the Asian Sun is also capable of improving the overall aesthetic of your teeth. Teeth whitening and composite restoration aim to fix damage caused by bad habits in the past or previous injuries. These services and a lot more are featured in their main service pages. However, this article isn’t done yet.

Asian Sun Dental Clinic as a QC dentist is more than capable of doing a tooth extraction and a cleaning. Of course, this is to be expected of all dentists around the world. What separates this clinic from the others, however, is their affordability. Want a porcelain crown fused to metal or gold? The Asian Sun has got you covered? Want to show everyone that dental bling? The Asian Sun Dental Clinic can give you gold crowns for every tooth. If all these services do prove to be too expensive, then simply have them make you a set of dentures. The Asian Sun Dental Clinic is out to prove that it is the best Quezon City dentist and it does so through its services.


If you find a QC dentist that covers a wide range of dental services, odds are you’re looking for the Asian Sun Dental Clinic. Heading over to their website and perusing through their services can prove to be educational. Why? Because you’ve never even heard of some services they have to offer you. Dental clinics in Quezon City shiver at the idea of doing those services but the Asian Sun proves that they’re different. They’ll gladly take on any dental issue you have and give you an experience you won’t forget.