Root canal pain is probably one of the biggest myths that surround the service. Dental services like a root canal treatment still fall victim to preconceived notions that might harm its credibility. Luckily, things like root canal pain is merely a myth together with four other nations that surround it. This article will talk about those myths and why they’re too far from the truth.

Root canal therapy has been one of the most effective ways of ridding a tooth from infection. It does this by cleaning out the pulp from the tooth and then sealing it up. This prevents bacteria from causing pain or, worse, abscess. Dentists today still recommend it which is probably the biggest reason why it’s still a viable service to pay for. Don’t let myths like root canal pain and others taint your view on it. Trust your dentist when they say that it’s still the service to go to for microbial invasions.

Root Canal Pain

Root canal pain should be the first myth this article will talk about. It’s a myth that actually plagues the service since word of it came out years ago.

The myth states that the service causes more pain than an infected tooth actually receives. It claims that the entire process, from start to finish, yields an excruciating amount of pain. Even with the use of anesthesia and other pain relievers, pain from a root canal therapy is still expected.

At what point from that paragraph did you begin to doubt the myth? For most, it’s probably the amount of pain one feels during the service. You see, root canal pain is a myth due to the anesthesia. Modern medicine and its constant stride towards perfection have allowed dental practitioners to prevent pain during treatments. The notion that dentists today are incapable of getting rid of root canal pain during the procedure is greatly preposterous.  

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The Service Is Solely For Infected Teeth

Sometimes, not everything is as one-sided as you’re led to believe. Some dental services aren’t made to stop an ailment or a condition, they were also made to prevent them. You probably know by now that infected tooth must be removed through a root canal to prevent it from forming an abscess. However, what you may not know is that the service can actually prevent the infection itself.

The myth that a root canal therapy is exclusively for infected teeth is false. You see, when a tooth is badly damaged i.e. the dentin is near absent, it is actually at the risk of infection. The same goes for teeth that have aged to the point of being degraded. These kinds of teeth, though not infected, are under heavy risk of it. In situations like these, it’s a better to have the tooth cleaned out from within thus preventing it from getting infected in the first place.

Its Effects Are Merely Temporary

Misconceptions breed misconceptions. A root canal treatment involves going through a tooth’s dentin to get to the pulp. When a tooth is severely infected, this may end up adding more entry points for the dentist to go through. This results in the risk of brittle teeth. Dentists today would recommend a dental crown to replace the tooth as it may not be as durable as it once was.

It is this very reason that birthed this myth. The myth mistakes brittle teeth as a perverted effect caused by the service. When in truth, it simply is part of it. It’s expected that, when a tooth has its pulp removed, its durability is tremendously reduced.

This is what a dental crown is for. It serves as a replacement for a tooth since it can no longer hold its purpose. The issue of brittle teeth falls on a dental crown. However, infection is and the tooth remains free of it for a very long time.

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It Causes Illnesses

If you’ve spent a good amount of time researching for the service around the internet, then you might’ve come across this one. The myth claims that an infected tooth causes illnesses and removing it won’t do anything because the bacteria is simply stuck in the tooth. You know why this myth sounds like it’s solely against the service? Because the individual who wrote it wanted to promote tooth extractions as a better answer.

If you know anything about a tooth extraction, it’s certainly not the better alternative. The study itself has been debunked many times over and it remains a flimsy way of deterring people from the service itself. Whatever the study claims to be true, it certainly is a mile away from the truth. There is no such illness that affects anyone who goes through a root canal therapy.

Just Remove It!

No. If you ever hear anyone say that tooth extraction the better choice, then they should know better. Tooth extractions should always be treated as a last resort. Dentists today will vouch for that very reason. Don’t remove a tooth because it will cause problems in the future. Problems that’ll mean more money spent on fixing the damage.

Remember, tooth extraction can cause two major problems you’ll face in the future, misalignment and bone loss. The former will come overtime while the latter is a problem commonly seen amongst the elderly. Never choose tooth extraction as your first choice for fixing an infected tooth. It only provides a short-term answer to your problem.

Remember: Consult Your Dentist

If you’re unsure about anything that concerns your teeth, only a dentist can clear up your questions. With that said, do try and visit your dentist at least once a month. Get a checkup and see if there’s anything wrong with your oral health.


In closing, a root canal therapy may be plagued by rumors and misconceptions but consulting a dentist will clear everything up. Furthermore, a root canal therapy is your best solution for infected teeth. The article listed the myths down in an effort to educate you on what not to believe in.