Dental Crown in the Philippines

When a popular dental service is made available through a dental clinic in the Philippines, everyone wants to how much it costs. A dental crown in the Philippines may be cheaper as compared to other countries abroad. So, how does one even save in a dental crown in the Philippines? Fortunately, this article will talk about a few ways one can save money on the service.

A Clinic With Affordability And Quality In Mind

The best choice to save money on ANY dental service is to visit a specific dental clinic in the Philippines, Asian Sun Dental Clinic. This clinic provides affordable dental services to its patients. What about a dental crown? You’ll be glad to know that Asian Sun lists this service as part of their extensive specialties. If you want to get a dental crown in the Philippines, Asian Sun Dental Clinic will not only make sure it’s affordable but the best one you’ll ever get.

Aside from a dental crown, Asian Sun Dental Clinic also provides services such as dental implants, bone grafting, teeth whitening, and porcelain teeth replacements such as porcelain veneers and bridges. And remember, all the mentioned services are given an affordable fee. No other dental clinic in the Philippines can say the same for their featured dental services.

Try The Alternatives

One of the reasons you’re looking a dental crown in the Philippines is its effect. A dental crown is one of the best services for tooth replacement. When a tooth undergoes damage, a dental crown is usually the best way to fix it. However, it’s not only the dental service that can repair damaged teeth. There are other more affordable alternatives.

A composite restoration involves the dentists applying a restorative putty and shaping into the missing tooth formation. If the tooth is chipped or cracked, a porcelain veneer is usually the best option. Finding a dental crown in the Philippines to fix a broken or damaged tooth is usually not the answer. Oftentimes a dentist will advise you to take its alternatives.

Pick The Material Carefully  

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Pick The Material Carefully

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A dental crown can be made out of different materials. Gold, metal alloy, porcelain, and more. The choice of material will increase the cost especially with the former. Each material has their own pros and cons. Gold and metal alloy are tough. Getting a gold dental crown in the Philippines will ensure that it stays there for a very long time. However, gold doesn’t match a tooth’s aesthetic. In most cases, patients would choose a gold dental crown if the damaged tooth was a molar or a wisdom tooth.

A porcelain dental crown, on the other hand, is not as durable as gold. It’s still tough enough to handle daily oral activities, however. What a porcelain crown has over a gold one is the aesthetic. Porcelain matches a tooth’s look and is stain resistant. Usually, a crown made out of porcelain needs little to no special maintenance.


Finally, to save up on costs for a dental crown in the Philippines, remember to visit a clinic that offers them at an affordable price. Asian Sun Dental Clinic is one of those rare clinics since it offers affordability AND quality. No other dental clinic in the Philippines is capable of mixing these two qualities together. So, think of Asian Sun Dental Clinic when you’re out looking for an affordable dental crown in the Philippines.