Should I get a dental bridge? A lot of questions about the service tend to revolve around that particular one because they don’t rightly know if they should go for it. Currently, a dental bridge is one of the best solutions for a missing tooth. However, patients are a bit discouraged because it comes at a higher price tag. With that said, this article will talk about the main benefits of a dental bridge and why it’s worth the money.

Should I Get a Dental Bridge For My Teeth?

Should I get a dental bridge

If you’re still quite unsure about it, here are the main benefits that a dental bridge offers:

  • Comfortable – a dental bridge doesn’t irritate your gums nor does it make it difficult for you to chew or speak. This is because a dental bridge is usually made out of porcelain and porcelain is a material that your gums can easily tolerate.
  • Secure and Permanenta dental bridge is not removable. Once it’s secured in place, it stays that way for the rest of its lifespan. It has a lifespan of over 10 years and the bonding agent used is strong enough to hold for that long.
  • Aesthetically Pleasingcompared to dentures, a dental bridge actually looks good when more of it is exposed. Its generally conservative nature gives it an edge in aesthetics and allows it to easily blend in with the other teeth.

How Much Is a Dental Bridge?

The average price of a dental bridge in the Philippines is around Php 20,000. There is some leeway when it comes to its price but the given cost is a safe bet to plan on.

When compared to dentures, a dental bridge is much more expensive. Dentures usually start at around Php 15,000 with its partial variety being less at Php 12,000.


So, should I get a dental bridge? Yes, it is much more expensive but it is worth the price if you’re looking for value. It lasts a long time, it’s not a hassle to have it on all the time, and it looks good. Those are the key elements on why a dental bridge is worth it.