The Asian Sun Dental Clinic provides its patients with the services of one of the best Dentist in Quezon City. The dental clinic was known for many things, from their vast array of dental services to their skilled dentists. However, what really separates this dental clinic from its competition is their specialty: zirconia crown. It is this very fact that makes the clinic an affordable dental service in Quezon City like no other.

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So Why Not Gold or Porcelain?

In the past, people tend to lean over to porcelain or gold for their dental crowns. These two materials are considered to be suitable for tooth protection or tooth restoration. However, these two materials come with their own brand of problems. Gold, for example, does not look natural. People are also a bit hesitant with having solid metal in their mouths.

Porcelain looks a lot better since it’s color matches perfectly with any person’s teeth. The only problem, however, is the fact that porcelain is not as tough. It chips and breaks through constant use. Porcelain also needs a metal base to be infused with.

A zirconia crown takes the best of both materials and fuses them together, metaphorically of course. Zirconium is tough and can weather any figurative storm while still looking like their fresh out of the dental clinic. Its translucent color matches it with teeth without looking unnatural. And, unlike porcelain, a zirconia crown needs no metal base to be infused with.

If you’re out looking for a dentist that can give you a zirconia crown then you’ll be happy to know that an affordable dental service in Quezon City exists. It exists in the form of The Asian Sun Dental Clinic.

The Dental Clinic in Quezon City You Should Be Looking For

The Asian Sun Dental Clinic is the best example for a dental clinic that nails it. The equipment found is well maintained by the clinic’s very own dental technician. The dentists the work in the clinic are top notch dental experts with the lead dentist himself having a ton of experience under his belt. Finally, their wide array of services is reasonably priced.

As you can see, The Asian Sun Dental Clinic provides you with the best Dentist in Quezon City. They separate themselves from the others by giving you all services only found within their walls at an affordable rate.