The benefits of a composite restoration service usually revolve around it’s affordable and accessible nature. You’ll find that most people around the globe will still pay for the service because they know it’s reliable. It may not be as good as a dental crown, but it certainly does have its place in restorative dentistry.  With that said, this article will talk about the service and why it still remains as one of the most popular services today.

The 3 Benefits of a Composite Restoration Service

  • It’s Affordable – a composite restoration is one of the more affordable tooth restoration services to date. The service usually costs Php 600 – Php 1,500. The price will go up depending on the severity of your problem but even then it still remains affordable. This is probably the reason why the service is still so popular amongst the masses.
  • It’s Abundantyou can go to any dental clinic in the Philippines and they’ll always have the service available. A composite restoration service is part of general dentistry so all dentists will offer it. This makes it easier for anyone to fix their teeth if it was damaged through trauma or decay.
  • It’s Effectivewhen a tooth chips or cracks, a composite restoration service can repair it. The material used is strong enough to withstand the daily punishment that a tooth goes through. It’ll last for nearly ten years but it has to undergo the necessary repairs if it goes past that point. Also, the composite material used looks good enough that it easily blends in with the other teeth.

Worth It?

Yes, a composite restoration service is worth the money that it’s asking for. Of course, it still has its limitations so it’s worth knowing about the alternatives of the service such as dental crowns and dental fillings.


The benefits of a composite restoration service help shed a light on why the service is still being offered today. Sure, you can immediately go for dental crowns but it’d be overkill. Make sure that you talk to your dentist about this. Doing so will give you the insight and information needed to make the right decision.