The cost of a tooth extraction in Manila is relatively cheap even if you compare it with other affordable services. It’s a service that most people go to because dentists all around offer it. However, you may not know of the consequences that come with having a tooth extracted. This article will talk about.

What Is The Cost of a Tooth Extraction in Manila?

image for cost of a tooth extraction in Manila

The average cost of tooth extraction in Manila is around Php 600 – Php 2,000.

Try not to confuse this service with a wisdom tooth extraction as that service costs more at around Php 2,500 – Php 6,000.

From this information alone, you can see why a lot of patients would opt to have a problematic tooth removed. They may not know, however, that choosing the service due to its cheap price will force them to face the consequences later on.

Why It’s A Bad Idea

Remember, if a tooth can be saved then it must be spared. Why? Here are the main reasons why it’s a bad idea to have a tooth removed:

  • Crooked Teeth – after a tooth is removed, your other teeth will start to drift out of place. This will happen over the course of 4 months so don’t think that you can wait for this problem out. The only way to stop this problem from happening is replacing the missing tooth.
  • Finding a Replacementa tooth extraction is cheap, yes, but the replacement for it is not. The cheapest tooth replacement you can get costs Php 12,000 and that’s not even the best one available.
  • Bone Loss – a problem that also occurs once a tooth is gone is that the bone around it starts to recede. What results is shrunken or caved in a look that’s seen in a majority of the elderly. Only a dental implant can stop this problem and it ain’t cheap.


Make sure to consult your dentist on this matter. Only your dentist can say whether or not a tooth can be saved or if it’s too far gone. You only have one adult tooth, so it’s best that you don’t waste it with hasty decisions.